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Name Vangelis Souitaris
Title Prof. PhD
Institute/School ITEM - Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
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Main Focuses Entrepreneurial finance, Academic and technology entrepreneurship, Behavioural Entrepreneurship
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Shepherd, Dean; Souitaris, Vangelis & Gruber, Marc (2021) Creating New Ventures: A review and research agenda. Journal of Management, ISSN 0149-2063
  2. Item Souitaris, Vangelis; Zerbinati, Stefania; Peng, Bo (Grace) & Shepherd, Dean (2020) Should I Stay or Should I go? Founder Power and Exit via Initial Public Offering. Academy of Management Journal, 63 (1). 64-95. ISSN 0001-4273
  3. Item Huang, Tori; Souitaris, Vangelis & Barsade, Sigal (2019) Which matters more? Group fear versus hope in entrepreneurial escalation of commitment. Strategic Management Journal, 40 (11). 1852-1881. ISSN 0143-2095
  4. Item Bellavitis, Cristiano; Filatotchev, Igor & Souitaris, Vangelis (2017) The Impact of Investment Networks on Venture Capital Firm Performance: A Contingency Framework. British Journal of Management, 28 (1). 102-119. ISSN 1045-3172
  5. Item Nicolaou, Nicos & Souitaris, Vangelis (2016) Can Perceived Support for Entrepreneurship Keep Great Faculty in the Face of Spinouts? Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33 (3). 298-319. ISSN 0737-6782
  6. Item Pitsakis, Konstantinos; Souitaris, Vangelis & Nicolaou, Nicos (2015) The Peripheral Halo Effect: Do Academic Spinoffs Influence Universities' Research Income? Journal of Management Studies, 52 (3). 321-353. ISSN 0022-2380
  7. Item Souitaris, Vangelis & Zerbinati, Stefania (2014) How do Corporate Venture Capitalists do Deals? An Exploration of Corporate Investment Practices. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 8 (4). 321-348. ISSN 1932-4391
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  9. Item Zerbinati, Stefania; Souitaris, Vangelis & Moray, Nathalie (2012) Nurture or nature? The growth paradox of research-based spin-offs. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 24 (1). 21-35. ISSN 0953-7325
  10. Item Souitaris, Vangelis & Maestro, B.M. Marcello (2011) The case for multitasking. Harvard Business Review, 704. ISSN 0017-8012