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Name Simone Balestra
Institute/School I.FPM - Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management
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  1. Item Balestra, Simone; Sallin, Aurélien & Wolter, Stefan (2021) High-ability influencers? The heterogeneous effects of gifted classmates. The Journal of Human Resources, ISSN 0022-166X
  2. Item Balestra, Simone; Eugster, Beatrix & Liebert, Helge (2020) Peers with special needs: Effects and policies. Review of Economics and Statistics, ISSN 0034-6535
  3. Item Balestra, Simone; Eugster, Beatrix & Liebert, Helge (2020) Summer-born struggle: The effect of school starting age on health, education, and work. Health Economics, 29 (5). 591-607. ISSN 1057-9230
  4. Item Balestra, Simone (2018) Gun prevalence and suicide. Journal of Health Economics, 61 163-177.
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