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Name Kebene Kejela Wodajo
Institute/School IWE - Institute for Business Ethics
Address IWE-HSG
Büro 55-304
Girtannerstrasse 8
9010 St. Gallen
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Phone +41 71 224 3097
Main Focuses Business & Human Rights/Business Ethics, Law & Economics, International and human rights law
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  1. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela; Asiedu, Michael & Somtochukwu, Mbelu: Symposium Introduction: The Digitalizing Continent: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation for Africa. URL: . AfroconomicsLaw (28 November 2022). [img]
  2. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela: The regulated capacity of the state and the emergence of state violence on digital platforms. American Society of International Law 2022 Midyear Meeting. University of Miami, School of Law, 11 November 2022. [img] [img]
  3. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela (2022) Contested Space and Self-Determination: The Dynamics of Ethiopia's Digital Space. Northeast African Studies, 21 (2). 227-264. ISSN 1535-6574
  4. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela (2022) Mapping (in)visibility and structural injustice in the digital space. Journal of Responsible Technology, 9 (100024). [img]
  5. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela: Digitalizing Identity: Precautionary Thoughts on Ethiopia’s “Fayda” Number. URL: . OpinioJuris (February 2022). [img]
  6. Item Ebert, Isabel Laura & Wodajo, Kebene Kejela: Algorithms in the making - Addressing structural injustices in the data economy. Women in Big Data. November 2021. [img]
  7. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela & Ebert, Isabel Laura: Reimagining Corporate Responsibility for Structural (In)justice in the Digital Ecosystem: A Perspective from African Ethics of Duty. 2021. - Delocalised justice: The transnationalisation of corporate accountability for human rights violations originating in Africa. - Netherlands. [img]
  8. Item Ngosso, Mathieu Thierry & Wodajo, Kebene Kejela: Thoughts on Covid-19 vaccine equity and justice from critical lens: Focus on African Perspective. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  9. Item Kowal, Verity (Author) & Wodajo, Kebene Kejela (Field Researcher): They Snatched from Me My Own Cry: The interplay of social norms and stigma in relation to human trafficking in Ethiopia. Case Study: Jimma and Arsi Zones. Geneva : International Organization for Migration, 2021. [img]
  10. Item Wodajo, Kebene Kejela: Social Audit Reform Options: Towards Auditor Liability and Multistakeholder Oversight. URL: . Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (12 March 2019).