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Name Jamie Gloor
Title Prof. PhD
Institute/School FIM - Research Institute for International Management
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Main Focuses Die Zukunft der Arbeit/Führungskraft, Diversität, Führungskraft, Humor, (Soziale) Nachhaltigkeit
Further fields of research Führungskraft, Diversität/Inklusion, Humor, (Soziale) Nachhaltikeit
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Gloor, Jamie; Chiu, Sana; Walls, Judith Louise & Faktor, Giannina: From Egocentric to Ecocentric (and vice versa)? Effects of CEO Gender and Narcissism on Environmental Performance. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  2. Item Gloor, Jamie; Rehbock, Stephanie & Kark, Ronit (2023) Critical Events at Critical Times? A Gendered Identity Approach on the Path to (Sustainable) Leadership. Frontiers, [img] [img]
  3. Item Kristal, Ariella; Nicks, Leonie; Gloor, Jamie & Hauser, Oliver C. (2022) Reducing discrimination against job seekers with and without employment gaps. Nature Human Behaviour, [img]
  4. Item Gloor, Jamie: Die Macht des Humors. URL: . HSG Focus (16 September 2022). [img]
  5. Item Gloor, Jamie; Chiu, Sana; Walls, Judith Louise & Faktor, Giannina: Giving the Green Light to be in the Limelight? Effects of CEO Gender and Narcissism on Environmental Sustainability. 2022. - Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting. - London, UK.
  6. Item Gloor, Jamie; Bajet Mestre, Eugenia; Corinne, Post & Ruigrok, Winfried: We Can’t Fight Climate Change Without Fighting for Gender Equity. In: Harvard Business Review (2022),
  7. Item Junker, Nina; Gloor, Jamie; Bajet Mestre, Eugenia & Hernandez Bark, Alina: Motherhood skills are leadership skills: Promoting family-to-work enrichment to get the promotion. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  8. Item Legood, Alison; van der Werff, Lisa; Gloor, Jamie; Weibel, Antoinette; Buckley, Finian & DeCremer, David: To Trust or Not to Trust? An Experimental Assessment of Followers’ Decisions to Trust Leaders. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]
  9. Item Gloor, Jamie; Sander, Gudrun & Meister, Alyson: What to Do About Employees Who Consciously Exclude Women. In: Harvard Business Review (2021), [img]
  10. Item Gloor, Jamie; Cooper, Cecily; Bowes-Sperry, Lynn & Chawla, Nitya (2021) Risqué Business? Interpersonal Anxiety and Humor in the #MeToo Era. Journal of Applied Psychology, [img]