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  1. Item Schröder, Désirée; Kiselev, Caroline; Rohner, Sina; Kautz, Tobias & Rohner, Peter (2022) Entwicklung, Einsatz und Wirkung des Digital Transformation Orchestrator.
  2. Item Lagstedt, Altti; Dahlberg, Tomi; Kiselev, Caroline & Kautz, Tobias: Selection, Adaption and Use of IS and Business Development Methods in Digitalization Projects. In Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 2022,
  3. Item Kautz, Tobias & Winter, Robert: Striving to Become Agile in the Public Sector: A Context Theory Perspective. 2022. - The XIX Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS & The XIV Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems. - Catanzaro.