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  1. Item Stricker, Naomi; Liam, Jan Albert; Rabbani, Md Masoon; Mayer, Simon & Gomez, Andres: Secure Communication with Batteryless Sensors. In Proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing. 2022, S. 133-136. [img]
  2. Item William, Jannik; Muller dos Santos, Matuzalém; de Brito, Maiquel; Hübner, Jomi Fred; Vachtsevanou, Danai & Gomez, Andres: Increasing the Intelligence of low-power Sensors with Autonomous Agents. 2022. - Workshop on Challenges in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Internet of Things (AIChallengeIoT). - Boston, United States. [img]