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Name Judith Ströhle
Title Prof. Dr.
Address ACA-HSG
Tigerbergstrasse 9
Büro 57-204
9000 St Gallen
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Main Focuses Sustainability Measurement, Sustainability Accounting, Corporate Governance, Non-financial Assurance
Professional Career
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Ströhle, Judith; Soonawalla, Kazbi & Metzner, Marcel (2022) Through the looking glass: tying performance and materiality to corporate purpose. Journal of the British Academy, (10(5)). 87-123. ISSN 2052-7217 [img] [img]
  2. Item Soonawalla, Kazbi & Ströhle, Judith: Old Saddles for New Horses: How Non-Financial Assurance Reinforces Traditional Firm Boundaries. 2022. - FRASOP - Financial Reporting and Auditing as Social and Organizational Practice. - London School of Economics.
  3. Item Ströhle, Judith & Röhm-Kottmann, Mariella: Sustainability Herausforderungen für das Unternehmen – Rolle der Finanzfunktion. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  4. Item Eccles, Robert & Stroehle, Judith: The Impact of the Adoption of Mutual Profit on Business Behaviour and Leadership. In Mayer, Colin & Roche, Bruno (ed.): Putting Purpose Into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality. Oxford University Press, 2021,
  5. Item Eccles, Robert G.; Johnstone-Louis, Mary; Mayer, Colin & Stroehle, Judith (2020) The Board’s Role in Sustainability. Harvard Business Review, Sept-Oct 2020 ISSN 0017-8012
  6. Item Johnstone-Louis, Mary; Kustin, Bridget; Mayer, Colin; Stroehle, Judith & Wang, Boya (2020) Business in times of crisis. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 1 (36). 242-255. ISSN 0266-903X
  7. Item Eccles, Robert G.; Lee, Linda-Eling & Stroehle, Judith C. (2020) The Social Origins of ESG: An Analysis of Innovest and KLD. Organization & Environment, 4 (33). 575-596. ISSN 1086-0266
  8. Item Ströhle, Judith: Untangling Social Compliance: Promises and Pitfalls of Social Audit Analyses. SAGE Publications, Ltd, 2019.
  9. Item Ströhle, Judith (2017) The enforcement of diverse labour standards through private governance: an assessment. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research, (23(4)). 1-19.