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Name Andreas Herrmann
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School ICI - Institute for Customer Insight, ICI - Institute for Customer Insight
Address ICI-HSG
Büro 32-202
Bahnhofstrasse 8
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 2130
Further fields of research Behavioral Economics, Markenmanagement, Multivariate Verfahren
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Latest Additions (all)

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  2. Item Einhorn, Martin; Löffler, Michael; de Bellis, Emanuel; Herrmann, Andreas & Burghartz, Pia (ed.) : The Machine Age of Customer Insight. Emerald Publishing Limited, 2021, - ISBN 9781839096976.
  3. Item Fleisch, Elgar; Franz, Christoph & Herrmann, Andreas : The Digital Pill - What Everyone Should Know about the Future of Our Healthcare System. First Edition. Bingley, UK : Emerald Publishing, 2021, DOI:10.1108/9781787566750. - ISBN 978-1-78756-676-7. [img]
  4. Item Fleisch, Elgar; Franz, Christoph; Herrmann, Andreas & Mönninghoff, Annette : Die Digitale Pille: Eine Reise in die Zukunft unseres Gesundheitssystems. Frankfurt/New York : Campus Verlag, 2021, - ISBN 978-3-593-51369-0.
  5. Item Mrkva, Kellen; Johnson, Eric J.; Gächter, Simon & Herrmann, Andreas (2020) Moderating Loss Aversion: Loss Aversion Has Moderators, But Reports of its Death are Greatly Exaggerated. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 30 (3). 407-428. ISSN 1057-7408 [img]
  6. Item Walter, Maik; Hildebrand, Christian; Häubl, Gerald & Herrmann, Andreas (2020) Mixing it up: Disfluent Product Display Formats Promote the Choice of Unfamiliar Products. Journal of Marketing Research, 57 (3). 509-526. ISSN 0022-2437
  7. Item de Bellis, Emanuel; Hildebrand, Christian; Ito, Kenichi; Herrmann, Andreas & Schmitt, Bernd (2019) Personalizing the Customization Experience: A Matching Theory of Mass Customization Interfaces and Cultural Information Processing. Journal of Marketing Research, 56 (6). 1050-1065. ISSN 0022-2437 [img]
  8. Item Berger, Axel; Schlager, Tobias; Sprott, David E. & Herrmann, Andreas (2018) Gamified interactions: whether, when, and how games facilitate self–brand connections. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46 (4). 652-673. ISSN 0092-0703 [img]
  9. Item Schlager, Tobias; Hildebrand, Christian; Häubl, Gerald; Franke, Nikolaus & Herrmann, Andreas (2018) Social Product-Customization Systems: Peer Input, Conformity, and Consumers’ Evaluation of Customized Products. Journal of Management Information Systems : JMIS, 35 (1). 319-349. ISSN 0742-1222
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