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Name Bernhard Resch
Title Dr.
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
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Main Focuses Politik und Organisation, Prozesstheorien, Affekte und Emotionen, Politische Ökonomie, Organisationale Ethnographie
Further fields of research Partizipatives Lehren und Lernen
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Resch, Bernhard; Hoyer, Patrizia & Steyaert, Chris (2020) Affective control in new collaborative work: Communal fantasies of purpose, growth and belonging. Organization Studies, ISSN 0170-8406
  2. Item Resch, Bernhard & Steyaert, Chris (2020) Peer Collaboration as a Relational Practice: Theorizing Affective Oscillation in Radical Democratic Organizing. Journal of Business Ethics, (164). 715-730.
  3. Item Resch, Bernhard: UNBOSS! On paradox, passion, and power in decentralized work. Thesis, 2019.
  4. Item Resch, Bernhard; Hoyer, Patrizia & Steyaert, Chris: Between critique and affirmation: An interventionist approach to entrepreneurship education. In Berglund, Karin & Verduijn, Karen (ed.): Revitalizing Entrepreneurship Education. New York : Routledge, 2018, S. 178-196. [img]
  5. Item Resch, Bernhard: Conflict and Collaboration: A storytelling workshop on tensions and emotions in self-organized work. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  6. Item Steyaert, Chris; Hoyer, Patrizia & Resch, Bernhard: Playing and the performing arts. Six memos for the future classroom. In Steyaert, Chris; Beyes, Timon & Parker, Martin (ed.): The Routledge Companion to Reinventing Management Education. Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2016, S. 342-357. [img]
  7. Item Resch, Bernhard: Old whine in new skins? The circulators of knowledge in the management hype around self-organization. Brown Bag Colloquium, Research Institute for Organizational Psychology. University of St. Gallen, 13 October 2015.
  8. Item Resch, Bernhard: We have the gig economy all wrong: Here’s how we reinvent the organization man in the Uber-age. In: Salon (2015), [img]
  9. Item Resch, Bernhard: Labor 2.0: Why we shouldn’t fear the ‘sharing economy’ and the reinvention of work. In: The Conversation (2015), [img]
  10. Item Resch, Bernhard: Managers without a cause – A literature review. 2015. - Fifth Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology "The Global Digital Workplace", organized by the COST Action Network "Dynamics of Virtual Work". - University of Vienna.