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Name Christoph Lechner
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IoMS - Institute of Management & Strategy
Address IfB-HSG
Büro 4-239
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 3903
Main Focuses Strategisches Management, Alliances, Platforms & Ecosystems, Corporate Strategy, Strategy Processes & Practices
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Lechner, Christoph & Müller-Stewens, Günter (2013) Konzeption & Implementierung Budgetierungssystem im Klosterbetrieb [consulting project] Official URL .
  2. Project Lechner, Christoph; Wagner, Joël & Boppel, Michael (2011) Nachhaltige Entwicklung und wirtschaftliche Tragbarkeit der Klosterbetriebe und Aktivitäten [consulting project] .
  3. Project Albert, Daniel; Lechner, Christoph & Oh, Lyndon (2009) Activity Systems and their Renewal [fundamental research project] .
  4. Project Lechner, Christoph; Kreutzer, Markus & Boppel, Michael (2010) Performance Implications of Managing Corporate Programs - A Control Perspective [fundamental research project] .
  5. Project Lechner, Christoph; Albert, Daniel; Kreutzer, Markus & Oh, Lyndon (2009) Strategic Renewal [applied research project] .
  6. Project Albert, Daniel; Oh, Lyndon; Kreutzer, Markus; Boppel, Michael; Lechner, Christoph & Palm, Fredrik (2009) Private Banking in Switzerland Quo vadis [applied research project] .
  7. Project Lechner, Christoph (2008) Performance Implications of Managing Corporate Programs [applied research project] .
  8. Project Lechner, Christoph & Kreutzer, Markus (2007) Control Modes in Strategic Initiatives: Balancing Formal and Informal Control [fundamental research project] .
  9. Project Lechner, Christoph (2007) Micro-political and learning behavior in Corporate Entrepreneurship [fundamental research project] .
  10. Project Lechner, Christoph (2007) Dysfunctional networks [fundamental research project] .