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Name Judith Louise Walls
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IWOE - Institute for Economy and the Environment
Address IWÖ-HSG
Büro 52-5242
Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 6/8
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 2896
Main Focuses Corporate Sustainability, Corporate and Environmental Governance, Sustainability Performance, Microfoundations of Sustainability Strategy, Emotions, Values, Motivations
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Gloor, Jamie; Chiu, Sana; Walls, Judith Louise & Faktor, Giannina: Giving the Green Light to be in the Limelight? Effects of CEO Gender and Narcissism on Environmental Sustainability. 2022. - Strategic Management Society Annual Meeting. - London, UK.
  2. Item Walls, Judith Louise; Vogel, Leo Luca; Tashman, Peter & Williams, Amanda: The power of nature: Understanding the firm's dependence on nature. [Conference or Workshop Item]
  3. Item Stephenson, PJ & Walls, Judith Louise (2022) A new biodiversity paradigm for business. Amplify, 35 (5). 6-14.
  4. Item Combs, James; Jaskiewicz, Peter; Ravi, Rahul & Walls, Judith (2022) More bang for their buck: Why (and when) family firms better leverage corporate social responsibility. Journal of Management, ISSN 0149-2063 [img]
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  6. Item Lee, Janice; Zu Xiang, Ng; Walls, Judith Louise; Chalil, D; Giam, X; Fatimah, YA & Walsh, C: Assessing the effectiveness of grievance mechanisms in addressing social and environmental issues in the palm oil sector. 2022. - Lien Development Conference. - Singapore.
  7. Item Stephenson, PJ; Londoño-Murcia, MC; Borges, PAV; Claasens, L; Frisch-Nwakanma, H; Ling, N; McMullan-Fisher, S; Meeuwig, JJ; Unter, KMM; Walls, Judith Louise; Burfield, IJ; do Carmo Vieira Correa, D; Geller, GN; Montenegro, Paredes I; Mubalama, LK; Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y; Roesler, I; Rovero, F; Sharma, YP; Wisesa Wiwardhana, N; Yang, J & Fumagalli, L (2022) Measuring the impact of conservation: The growing importance of monitoring fauna, flora and funga. Diversity, 14 (10). 824. [img]
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  10. Item Stappmanns, Fiona Vanessa; Vogel, Leo Luca & Walls, Judith Louise: Natural resource dependence: understanding why companies (do not) disclose on biodiversity. [Conference or Workshop Item]