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Name Pietro Beritelli
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School University of St.Gallen, IMP - Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance
Address IMP-HSG
Büro 3-341
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 25 25
Main Focuses Vize-Direktor IMP-HSG, Administrativer Leiter, Master in Marketing Management (MiMM)

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Beritelli, Pietro; Reinhold, Stephan & Laesser, Christian (2020) Logics behind evading overnight taxes: a configurational analysis. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,, Vol. 32 (2). 871-888. ISSN 0959-6119
  2. Item Bieger, Thomas; Beritelli, Pietro & Laesser, Christian (ed.) : Innovative Konzepte im alpinen Tourismus. Berlin : ESV, 2020, - ISBN 978-3-503-19167-3.
  3. Item Beritelli, Pietro: From Flow Analysis to Shared Insight to Planning for Impact: The Development Campaign of Altdorf (CH) Pietro Beritelli. In Atmospheric Turn in Culture and Tourism: Place, Design and Process Impacts on Customer Behaviour, Marketing and Branding. Emerald Publishing, 2019, S. 195-207.
  4. Item Reinhold, Stephan; Beritelli, Pietro & Gruenig, Rouven (2019) A business model typology for destination management organizations. Tourism Review, 74 (6). 1135-1152. ISSN 1660-5373
  5. Item Beritelli, Pietro (2019) Transferring concepts and Tools from other fields to the Tourist destination: A critical viewpoint focusing on the lifecycle concept. (14).
  6. Item Beritelli, Pietro & Laesser, Christian (2019) Why DMOs and Tourism Organizations Do not Really 'Get/Attract Visitors': Uncovering the Truth behind a Cargo Cult.
  7. Item Laesser, Christian & Beritelli, Pietro: Zukunft der DMO - DMO der Zukunft. GV Fördergesellschaft IMP-HSG. Bildungszentrum Sihlpost Zürich, 5 September 2019.
  8. Item Laesser, Christian & Beritelli, Pietro: Gäste holen war gestern - Mythen im Destinationsmarketing. In: GastroJournal (2019), 3/2019, S. 14.
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