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Name Ruo Jia
Institute/School I.VW - Institute of Insurance Economics
Address School of Economics, Peking University
Yiheyuan Rd. 5, Haidian
Beijing 100871
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Phone +861062758449
Skype jiaruopku
Main Focuses Insurance Economics; Financial Regulation

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Eling, Martin & Jia, Ruo (2014) Risk Premium Project (RPP) Continual Update - 2014/2015 [applied research project] Official URL .
  2. Item Biener, Christian; Eling, Martin & Jia, Ruo (2021) Globalisation: blessing or curse? Evidence from the insurance industry. European Journal of International Management, 15 (2/3). 457-483. ISSN 1751-6757
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  4. Item Eling, Martin; Jia, Ruo & Schaper, Philipp: Get the Balance Right: A Simultaneous Equation to Analyse Growth, Profitability, and Safety. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2018, [img]
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  6. Item Zheng, Wei; Liu, Zining & Jia, Ruo (2018) How private sector participation improves retirement preparation: A case from China. The Geneva papers on risk and insurance - issues and practice, ISSN 1018-5895 [img]
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  8. Item Eling, Martin; Jia, Ruo & Yao, Yi (2017) Between‐Group Adverse Selection: Evidence From Group Critical Illness Insurance. The journal of risk & insurance, 84 (2). 771-809. ISSN 0022-4367
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