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Name Simon Mayer
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School ICS - Institute of Computer Science
Address ICS-HSG, Chair for Interaction- and Communication-based Systems
Büro 61-410
Rosenbergstrasse 30
9000 St. Gallen
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Main Focuses Internet of Things, Web of Things, Distributed Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Smart Factories
Teaching Activities

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Guitton, Clement; Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia & Mayer, Simon (2022) A Typology of Automatically Processable Regulation. Law, Innovation, and Technology, 14 (2). [img]
  2. Item Spirig, Janick; Garcia, Kimberly & Mayer, Simon (2021) An Expert Digital Companion for Working Environments. [img]
  3. Item Mizutani, Iori; Brütsch, Jonas & Mayer, Simon: Towards Provenance Integration for Field Devices in Industrial IoT systems. In Provenance and Annotation of Data and Processes. Springer, 2021, S. 250-255. [img]
  4. Item Mönninghoff, Annette; Fuchs, Klaus; Wu, Jing; Albert, Jan & Mayer, Simon (2021) The Effect of a Future-Self Avatar mHealth Intervention on Physical Activity and Food Purchases: The FutureMe Randomized Controlled Trial. [img]
  5. Item Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia; Mayer, Simon & Zihlmann, Zaira (2021) Not Hardcoding but Softcoding Privacy. Technology and Regulation, [img]
  6. Item Kampik, Timotheus; Gomez, Andres; Ciortea, Andrei & Mayer, Simon: Autonomous Agents on the Edge of Things. In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. 2021, S. 1767-1769. [img]
  7. Item Garcia, Kimberly; Zihlmann, Zaira; Mayer, Simon & Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia (2021) Towards Privacy-Friendly Smart Products. [img]
  8. Item Schneider, Tanja; Fuchs, Klaus & Mayer, Simon: Die Datafizierung von Alltagspraktiken: Datenaktivismus als neue Verantwortung? In Henkel, Anna (ed.): 10 Minuten Soziologie - Verantwortung. transcript, 2021, [img]
  9. Item Jha, Sanjiv; Mayer, Simon & Schneider, Tanja: Explicitly Privacy-Aware Space Usage Analysis. In Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications. Guangzhou, China : IEEE, 2021, [img]
  10. Item Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia; Zihlmann, Zaïra; Garcia, Kimberly & Mayer, Simon: The Right to Customization: Conceptualizing the Right to Repair for Informational Privacy. In APF 2021, LNCS 12703 proceedings. 2021, [img]