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Name Simon Weiss
Title Dr.
Institute/School IWI - Institute of Information Management
Main Focuses Competence Center Corporate Intelligence (CC CI); Architectural Coordination of Enterprise Transformation (ACET)
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  1. Item Abraham, Ralf; Weiss, Simon; Labusch, Nils; Aier, Stephan & Winter, Robert: Transformation Intelligence Capability Catalogue. In Proper, Henderik A.; Winter, Robert; Aier, Stephan & de Kinderen, Sybren (ed.): Architectural Coordination of Enterprise Transformation. Cham : Springer International Publishing - Springer, 2017, S. 175-181. [img]
  2. Item Aier, Stephan; Weiss, Simon; Winter, Robert & Rytz, Bernhard: Untangling EA’s Long Path of Becoming a Partner for Business Transformation: The Case of Swiss Federal Railways. 2016. - 11th Workshop on Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research (TEAR) 2016. - Vienna. [img]
  3. Project Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert; Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan; Abraham, Dr. Ralf & Weiss, Dr. Simon (2011) A Design Theory for Architectural Coordination of Enterprise Transformations (ACET) [fundamental research project] Official URL .
  4. Project Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert; Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan; Beese, Jannis; Brosius, Maximilian; Blaschke, Michael; Schilling, Raphael; Bischoff, Dr. Stefan; Labusch, Dr. Nils; Weiss, Dr. Simon & Abraham, Dr. Ralf (2011) CC Corporate Intelligence (CC CI) [applied research project] Official URL .
  5. Item Weiss, Simon: Institutionalization of Architectural Coordination in Organizations. 1st CHAIS Doctoral Consortium. Zurich, Switzerland, 23 June 2014.
  6. Item Weiss, Simon: Workshop: Den Architekturgedanken im Unternehmen verankern. 41. St.Galler Anwenderforum. St. Gallen, 24 March 2014.
  7. Item Weiss, Simon; Aier, Stephan & Winter, Robert: Institutionalization and the Effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture Management. 2013. - 34th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2013). - Milano, Italy. [img]
  8. Item Aier, Stephan & Weiss, Simon: Wie werden unternehmensweite Intelligence-Infrastrukturen wirklich wirksam? DW2012. Zürich, 12 November 2012.
  9. Item Weiss, Simon & Winter, Robert: Development of Measurement Items for the Institutionalization of Enterprise Architecture Management in Organizations. 2012. - 7th Workshop, TEAR 2012, and 5th Working Conference, PRET 2012 at The Open Group Conference 2012. - Barcelona. [img]
  10. Item Aier, Stephan & Weiss, Simon: An Institutional Framework for Analyzing Organizational Responses to the Establishment of Architectural Transformation. 2012. - 20th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2012. - Barcelona, Spain. [img]