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Name Tina Margarete Freyburg
Title Prof. Ph.D.
Institute/School SEPS - School of Economics and Political Science, IPW - Institute for Political Science
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Phone +41 71 224 2600
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  1. Item Mohrenberg, Steffen; Huber, Robert & Freyburg, Tina (2021) Love at First Sight? Populist Attitudes and Support for Direct Democracy. Party Politics, 27 (3). 528-539.
  2. Item Wavre, Veronique & Freyburg, Tina: Leapfrogging the EU: Telecommunications Regulation in Morocco. In Del Sarto, Raffaella & Tholens, Simone (ed.): Resisting Europe. Practices of Contestation in the Mediterranean Middle East. Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2020, S. 94-117.
  3. Item Marcos Marne, Hugo; Plaza-Colodro, Carolina & Freyburg, Tina (2020) Who Votes for New Parties? Economic Voting, Political Ideology and Populist Attitudes. West European Politics, 43 (1). 1-21. [img]
  4. Item Böhmelt, Tobias & Freyburg, Tina (2018) Forecasting Candidate States’ Compliance with EU Accession Rules, 2017–2050. Journal of European Public Policy, 25 (11). 1667-1685. ISSN 1350-1763 [img]
  5. Item Freyburg, Tina & Garbe, Lisa (2018) Blocking the Bottleneck: Internet Shutdowns and Ownership at Election Times in Sub-Saharan Africa. International Journal of Communication, 12 3896-3916. ISSN 1932-8036 [img]
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