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Name Tomi Laamanen
Title Prof. Dr. Dr.
Institute/School IfB - Institute of Management
Address IfB-HSG
Büro 4-235
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
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Phone +41 71 224 2363
Main Focuses Strategic Management, Corporate acquisitions, Strategy processes and practices, Cognition and attention-based view, Strategic change and renewal, Corporate headquarters
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Tenhiälä, Aino & Laamanen, Tomi (2018) Right on the Money? The Contingent Effect of Strategic Orientation and Pay System Design on Firm Performance. Strategic Management Journal, 39 (13). 3408-3445. ISSN 0143-2095
  2. Item Schmid, Torsten; Kunisch, Sven Gunnar Tilo & Laamanen, Tomi: Emergent Perspectives of Strategic Change: Toward a New Paradigm? [Conference or Workshop Item]
  3. Item Burgelman, Robert, A.; Floyd, Steven; Laamanen, Tomi; Mantere, Saku; Vaara, Eero & Whittington, Richard (2018) Strategy processes and practices: Dialogues and intersection. Strategic management journal, 39 (3). 531-558. ISSN 0143-2095 [img]
  4. Item Ocasio, William; Laamanen, Tomi & Vaara, Eero (2018) Communication and attention dynamics: An attention-based view of strategic change. Strategic Management Journal, 39 (1). 155-167. ISSN 0143-2095 [img]
  5. Item Laamanen, Tomi; Zimmermann, Alexander & Bian, Di: Not all Roads lead to Rome: Different Approaches to Ambidexterity in Acquisition Sequences. 2018. - Academy of Management Annual Meeting. - Chicago.
  6. Item Laamanen, Tomi; Maula, Markku; Kajanto, Markus & Kunnas, Peter (2018) The role of cognitive load in effective strategic issue management. Long Range Planning, Forthcoming ISSN 0024-6301
  7. Item Bertrand, Olivier; Betschinger, Marie-Ann & Laamanen, Tomi (2017) Effects of subnational regional corruption on growth strategies in emerging economies: Evidence from Russian domestic and international M&A activity. Global strategy journal, ISSN 2042-5791
  8. Item Nell, Phillip; Kappen, Philip & Laamanen, Tomi (2017) Reconceptualising Hierarchies: The Disaggregation and Dispersion of Headquarters in Multinational Corporations. Journal of Management Studies, 54 (8). 1121-1143.
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