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Name Zeno Adams
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School s/bf - Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance
Address s/bf-HSG
Büro 51-4017
Unterer Graben 21
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 7057
Skype zeno.adams
Further fields of research Applied Econometrics, Risk Modeling
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Adams, Zeno; Füss, Roland & Glück, Thorsten (2017) Are Correlations Constant? Empirical and Theoretical Results on Popular Correlation Models in Finance. Journal of Banking and Finance, 84 9-24. ISSN 0378-4266 [img]
  2. Item Kartsakli, Maria & Adams, Zeno: Has Crude Oil Become a Financial Asset? Evidence from Ten Years of Financialization. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2017, 10. [img]
  3. Item Adams, Zeno & Blickle, Kristian: Immigration, Real Estate Prices and the Consumption Decisions of Native Households. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2016, 15. [img]
  4. Item Adams, Zeno; Füss, Roland & Schindler, Felix (2015) The Sources of Risk Spillovers Among U.S. REITs : Financial Characteristics and Regional Proximity. Real Estate Economics, 43 (1). 67-100. ISSN 1080-8620 [img]
  5. Item Adams, Zeno; Füss, Roland & Gropp, Reint (2014) Spillover Effects among Financial Institutions: A State-Dependent Sensitivity Value-at-Risk Approach. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 49 (3). 575-598. ISSN 0022-1090
  6. Item Adams, Zeno & Glück, Thorsten: Financialization in Commodity Markets: A Passing Trend or the New Normal? School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2014, 2014/13. [img]
  7. Item Adams, Zeno & Gerner, Mathias (2012) Cross Hedging Jet-Fuel Price Exposure. Energy Economics, 34 (5). 1301-1309. ISSN 0140-9883
  8. Item Adams, Zeno & Füss, Roland (2012) Disentangling the Short and Long-Run Effects of Occupied Stock in the Rental Adjustment Process. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 44 (4). 570-590. ISSN 0895-5638
  9. Item Adams, Zeno; Füss, Roland & Wohlschieß, Volker (2012) Investment choice and performance potential in the mutual fund industry. Journal of Asset Management, 13 (2). 84-101. ISSN 1470-8272
  10. Item Füss, Roland; Adams, Zeno & Kaiser, Dieter K. (2010) The Predictive Power of Value-at-Risk Models in Commodity Futures Markets. Journal of Asset Management, 11 (4). 261-285. ISSN 1470-8272