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Project Brodt, Torsten (2003) MCAST: Multicasting Services on WLAN, 2.5G and 3G Wireless Networks [applied research project] Official URL

Project Brodt, Torsten (2005) MOSAIC: Supporting Innovation in Mobile Work Environments [applied research project] Official URL

Project Brodt, Torsten; Hoegg, Roman & Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina (2005) Network4Value [applied research project]

Project Bächle, Michael; Daurer, Stephan; Judt, Andreas & Mettler, Tobias (2016) iCare - Für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben [applied research project]


Project Denisova-Schmidt, Elena (2012) Bilingualisms Upgrade Module (BILIUM) [applied research project]


Project Enkel, Ellen (2005) CONRAD - A Coordinated Network for Radiation Dosimetry [applied research project]


Project Forêt, Philippe (2006) The Contributions of the Sino-European Survey Expeditions to the Understanding of the Environmental History of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia [fundamental research project]


Project Gaehwiler, Elena (2006) Edition und Kommentierung der Redaktionskorrespondenz der Pariser Exilzeitschrift "Sovremennye zapiski" [fundamental research project]


Project Kleinschmidt, Stefan; Peters, Christoph & Leimeister, Jan Marco (2014) Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate [applied research project] Official URL

Project Keuschnigg, Christian; Keuschnigg, Mirela; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf; Berger, Johannes & Strohner, Ludwig (2008) Modelling Labour Markets in the European Union: IAS/HSG TaxLab Model [consulting project]


Project Lehmkuhl, Dirk (2008) Private Dispute Resolution - Legitimate but Accountable? [other project type] Official URL

Project Laesser, Christian; Bieger, Thomas; Liebrich, Andreas & Agosti, Sandro (2002) SMART-UP (small and medium sized enterprise alliance) [applied research project]


Project Mettler, Tobias; Sprenger, Michaela & Yassaee, Maedeh (2014) Active@Work: Active older adults at workplace [applied research project] Official URL

Project Maass, Wolfgang; Stahl, Florian & Schaefer, Marc-Frederic (2002) INKASS: Intelligent Knowledge Asset Sharing & Trading [applied research project] Official URL

Project Maass, Wolfgang; Stahl, Florian & Schaefer, Marc-Frederic (2004) METOKIS [applied research project] Official URL


Project Pleitner, Hans Jobst; Weber, Walter & Habersaat, Margrit (1992) Observatory of European SMEs [benchmarking project] Official URL

Project Poldner, Kim (2014) WISE 'Women Innovators for Social Business' [applied research project]


Project Ruigrok, Winfried (2004) Management of National Diversity at the Individual, Group, and Societal Level (Monde) [applied research project] Official URL


Project Scherer, Roland; Riser, Adrian & Zumbusch, Kristina (2013) Ex-ante Evaluation INTERREG V Oberrhein [consulting project] Official URL

Project Stölzle, Wolfgang; Klaas-Wissing, Thorsten & Resch, Bettina (2005) Forschungsprojekt KArLos RheinRuhr [applied research project] Official URL

Project Schnabel, Florian (2005) GENESIS [applied research project] Official URL

Project Scherer, Roland; Strauf, Simone; Zumbusch, Kristina & Schwanke, Katja (2009) Positionierung der internationalen Tourismusregion Bodensee [applied research project]

Project Scherer, Roland & Hertkorn-Betz, Petra (2001) TENVORS - Life-long learning for sustainable development [applied research project] Official URL


Project Walser, Manfred (2003) DYNALP [consulting project]

Project Weber, Walter & Bergmann, Heiko (2006) EU Cluster Mapping Project [applied research project] Official URL

Project Weber, Walter (2006) KMU und europäische Normung [applied research project]

Project Walser, Manfred & Hertkorn-Betz, Petra (2004) Train to LA21 - Training the Facilitators for Local Agenda 21 Implementation [applied research project] Official URL


Project Zwicker-Schwarm, Daniel (2018) Gewerbegebiete 4.0 - Wettbewerbs- und zukunftsfähige Unternehmensstandorte im Bodenseeraum [applied research project]

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