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Project Albert, Daniel; Lechner, Christoph & Oh, Lyndon (2009) Activity Systems and their Renewal [fundamental research project]

Project Arndt, Oliver & Schögel, Marcus (2007) Capabilities in CRM - an empirical analysis of situational capabilities of CRM Implementation [fundamental research project]

Project Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan & Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert (2015) Decentralized coordination in complex information systems [fundamental research project]

Project Ambos, Björn & Leinemann, Alexander (2014) Disaggregation Inside the Black Box: An Empirical Investigation of Individual-Level Antecedents of Psychic Distance [fundamental research project]

Project Ambos, Prof. Ph.D Björn & Alpers, M.Sc. Isabel Managing the “unknowns” Exploring strategic postures to cope with different sources and types of uncertainty [fundamental research project]

Project Ambos, Björn; Schulte Steinberg, Adrian & Kunisch, Sven (2013) Towards the Microfoundations of Knowledge Flows: An Empirical Investigation of Individual-Level Antecedents of Organizational Practice Adoption [fundamental research project]

Project Alloa, Emmanuel (2016) Transparency and its Discontents [fundamental research project]

Project Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan; Haki, Dr. Kazem & Beese, Jannis (2017) Understanding Institutional Mechanisms of Controlling Information Systems Architecture Complexity: A Simulation-based Research [fundamental research project]

Project Ambos, Björn & Leinemann, Alexander (2015) Why do Multinational Firms exist? A Strategic Schema Mediating Model for the Multinationality - Performance Relationship [fundamental research project]


Project Beyes, Timon (2009) Aesthetics and the spatial production of organization [fundamental research project]

Project Braun, Alexander (2012) Catastrophe Bonds, Solvency, and the Asset Management of Insurance Companies [fundamental research project]

Project Bauer-Klebl, Annette (2009) Einfluss von Führungskräften auf die Förderung von Teamkompetenzen durch angeleitete Reflexionsprozesse [fundamental research project]

Project Brahm, Taiga; Euler, Dieter & Jenert, Tobias (2011) Entwicklung von Einstellungen und Motivation der Studierenden im Assessment-Jahr [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Braun, Alexander (2015) New Insights on Insurance-Linked Securities, Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement and Behavioral Insurance [fundamental research project]

Project Bruch, Heike (2004) Organisationale Energie [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Boppel, Michael (2014) Strategy Implementation Revisited: A Conceptual Review and Empirical Investigation of How Firms Implement Corporate Strategies [fundamental research project]

Project Bergmann, Heiko & Volery, Thierry (2014) Swiss Panel of Emerging Businesses (SwissPEB) [fundamental research project]

Project Blohm, Ivo (2013) When is crowdsourcing advantageous? - Organizing for succesful crowdsourcing [fundamental research project]


Project Davis, James W.; Devore, Marc & Weiss, Moritz (2009) Adapting to Globalization: Arms Production in Large and Small States [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Derungs, Curdin (2005) Die betriebliche Standortwahl aus einer prozessorientierten Perspektive [dissertation project]

Project Dey, Pascal & Wettstein, Florian (2013) Emancipation as Contested Translation: Toward a Dialectic Understanding of Emancipatory Organizing [fundamental research project]

Project Dwertmann, David J. G. (2014) Making diversity work: Diversity climate and climate for inclusion as potential remedies [fundamental research project]

Project Dingwerth, Klaus (2015) Rising Powers and Norm Change: Special, but Differentiated Principles for the Global South? [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Dey, Pascal & Wettstein, Florian (2015) The Politics of ‘Positive Deviance': Inquiring Total Institutions, Public Administration and Social Enterprises [fundamental research project]


Project Elliker, Dr. Florian & Reichle, Niklaus (2017) Becoming a minority. Experiences of social decline in racially and ethnically diverse societies [fundamental research project]

Project Engeler, Isabelle (2012) Consumers' Emotions and their Evaluative and Behavioral Consequences [fundamental research project]

Project Egli, Patricia (2015) Democracy and the European Court of Human Rights: The Margin of Appreciation Doctrine Revisited [fundamental research project]

Project Enkel, Ellen (2005) External Innovation Drivers in the Early Phase [fundamental research project]

Project Eling, Martin (2012) Productivity and Efficiency in the Swiss Insurance Industry [fundamental research project]

Project Emmenegger, Patrick; Walter, André & Leemann, Lucas (2015) The Adoption of Personal Income Taxation [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Frauendorfer, Karl & Kuhn, Daniel (1998) Anwendung der stochastischen Optimierung im Cash-Management [fundamental research project]

Project Fleck, Matthes; Meckel, Miriam & Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina (2006) Corporate Blogging [applied research project]

Project Frauendorfer, Karl; Haeusler, Frank & Schürle, Michael (2006) Endeffekte in der stochastischen Optimierung [fundamental research project]

Project Frauendorfer, Karl (1996) Entwicklung einer Formalisierungssprache für die Darstellung von stochastischen Problemen [applied research project]

Project Fust, Dr. Alexander & Jenert, Dr. Tobias Johannes (2017) How do Successful Entrepreneurs Really Learn? An Empirical Study on Entrepreneurs’ Self-Regulated Learning Capabilities [fundamental research project]

Project Fleisch, Elgar; Beckenbauer, Bernold; Gebauer, Heiko & Hildenbrand, Katharina (2004) Internationalisierungskonzepte für industrielle Dienstleistungen [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Frauendorfer, Karl & Haarbrücker, Gido (1997) Konvergenzbeschleunigung mittels Ausnutzung primal-dualer Optimitätsbedingungen in der linearen stochastischen Optimierung [fundamental research project]

Project Frauendorfer, Karl; Haarbrücker, Gido & Ostermaier, Georg (2004) Multistage Stochastic Optimization of Logistic Network Structures [fundamental research project]

Project Frauendorfer, Karl & Kuhn, Daniel (2001) Organisation und Betrieb des europäischen Verbundnetzes im Rahmen der Liberalisierung der Strommärkte [applied research project]

Project Fischer, Peter Mathias; Reinecke, Sven; Berghaus, Benjamin; Zeugner-Roth, Katharina & Pandelaere, Mario (2012) Pride and Prejudice! Promotion or Prevention? - Explaining and Mitigating Home Country Biases When Foreign Products Are More Typical [fundamental research project]

Project Fleisch, Elgar; Kowatsch, Tobias & Filler, Andreas (2015) Short-term Detection of Job Strain in Knowledge Workers with a Scalable, Low-cost and Minimal-invasive Information System Service: Instrument Development and Evaluation [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Frauendorfer, Karl (1997) Strukturanalyse der Risikobemessung [fundamental research project]

Project Füss, Roland; Adams, Zeno & Ruf, Daniel (2013) The Fundamentals of Risk and Return Co-movements and Spillovers of Real Estate Trusts (REITs) [fundamental research project]


Project Grichnik, Dietmar; Sirén, Charlotta & Burkhard, Barbara (2016) Emotions and learning in new venture team decision-making [fundamental research project]

Project Grichnik, Dietmar; Lauterbach, Rainer & Baierl, Ronny (2011) Experimental Entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurial Decision-Making [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Gärtner, Manfred & Brevik, Frode (2004) Makroökonomische Implikationen von Bankgeheimnis und Verrechnungssteuer [fundamental research project]

Project Grichnik, Dietmar; Herrmann, Andreas & Baierl, Ronny (2012) Pfadabhängigkeit bei der Mittelkombination - Eine experimentelle Studie von unternehmerischen Entscheidungen [fundamental research project]

Project Gomez, Peter; Meynhardt, Timo & von Müller, Camillo (2010) Public Value of Financial Organizations - The Case of Deutsche Börse Group [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Gross, Uwe (2014) Technology Acquisition Strategy: Exploring Technology Opportunities through Corporate Venture Capital [fundamental research project]

Project Gemperle, Michael; Schultheis, Franz & Vogel, Berthold (2007) Transformation der Arbeitswelt [fundamental research project]

Project Gaehwiler, Elena (2007) Von der Revolution zur Moderne. Eine europäische Kulturmorphologie des 19. Jahrhunderts anhand der Biographie Malwida von Meysenbugs (1816-1903) [fundamental research project]

Project Gommers, Luci; Jenert, Dr. Tobias Johannes; Wagner, Dietrich & Brahm, Prof. Dr. Taiga (2016) Why do students (not) reflect in Higher Education? [fundamental research project]


Project Häusermann, Daniel M. (2011) "Abzocker"-Initiative: Politik und Corporate Governance [applied research project]

Project Herrmann, Andreas; Purucker, Christian; Landwehr, Jan R. & Henkel, Sven (2010) AUDI International Trend Research Project [applied research project]

Project Haki, Prof. Dr. Kazem; Brosius, Maximilian & Blaschke, Michael (2018) Ambidextrous IS Architecture: Balancing Control and Emergence [fundamental research project]

Project Häusermann, Daniel M. (2011) Boardroom Policy: Towards a More Rigorous Evaluation of the Rules Governing Corporate Boards [fundamental research project]

Project Hofstetter, Joerg S; Wütz, Steffen & Freund, Sebastian (2015) Business Process Integration Along Global Supply Chains [fundamental research project]

Project Herhausen, Dennis (2011) Customer Centricity Implementation [fundamental research project]

Project Herhausen, Prof. Dr. Dennis Customer Relationship Management in Social Media [fundamental research project]

Project Hüttermann, Hendrik (2014) Fostering health and performance in organizations: Exploring the influence of leadership on employees' well-being and its implications for organizational success [fundamental research project]

Project Hoyer, Dr. Patrizia (2017) Identity Implications of Global Career Mobility [habilitation project]

Project Handschuh, Prof. Dr. Siegfried; Leimeister, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco; Söllner, Prof. Dr. Matthias; Cetto, Matthias; Niklaus, Christina & Wambsganss, Thiemo Improving the Argumentation Skills of Students through Machine Learning

Project Herrmann, Andreas & Rossberg, Nadja (2006) Konsum durch Imitation: Der Einfluss des Unbewussten auf das Konsumverhalten [fundamental research project]

Project Höhener, Clarissa & Kaufmann, Vincent (2014) Literatur im Dienste der Enriched Reality [fundamental research project]

Project Herzog, Walter (2008) Perception-Specific Average Causal Effects of Marketing Treatments [fundamental research project]

Project Herrmann, Andreas & Kaiser, Christian (2005) Product Variety - too much of a good thing? [fundamental research project]

Project Henkel, Stefanie (2006) Public Marketing [fundamental research project]

Project Hofmann, Erik & Beck, Patrick (2009) Reducing the cost of capital by supply chain management [fundamental research project]

Project Henneberger, Fred & Ziegler, Alexandre (2007) Sorting into Performance Pay [fundamental research project]

Project Halsband, Elias & Stölzle, Wolfgang (2006) Supply and Marketing of Traffic Information (smarTInfo) [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Hangartner, Dominik & Bechtel, Michael M. (2015) Turnout, Direct Democracy, and Compulsory Voting [fundamental research project]


Project Jaeger, Franz; Bühler, Stefan & Kaiser, Christian (2004) Determinants of Mergers: Evidence from Switzerland [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Jacobs, Claus D. (2007) Practices of Strategizing [fundamental research project]

Project Jacobs, Claus D. & Steyaert, Chris (2005) Technology in Action - Recursive Social Processes of Organizing Grid Technology Development [fundamental research project]


Project Keuschnigg, Christian & Ribi, Evelyn (2008) Besteuerung der Arbeit und aktive Arbeitsmarktpolitik [applied research project]

Project Koropp, Christian & Grichnik, Dietmar (2010) Financing High-tech Entrepreneurship [fundamental research project]

Project Kammerlander, Nadine (2014) Innovative firm behavior - understanding the role of family influence [fundamental research project]

Project Kunze, Florian (2013) Investigating Complex Diversity Relationships in Organizations [fundamental research project]

Project Kipfelsberger, Petra (2015) Leading with Meaning: Investigating the Role of Leader Work Meaningfulness [fundamental research project]

Project Kirchgässner, Gebhard & Tereshchenko, Silika (2005) Nachhaltigkeit der Bundesfinanzen [fundamental research project]

Project Kunisch, Sven (2013) Spotlight on the Corporate Apex: Investigating Corporate CEOs and Their Corporate-Level Impact [fundamental research project]

Project Keupp, Marcus Matthias (2011) The influence of analogizing on firm-level innovation performance: Multilevel theorizing and empirical testing [fundamental research project]

Project Keupp, Marcus Matthias (2010) The relationship between organizational architecture levers and subsidiary competence-creating capability in multinational corporations [fundamental research project]

Project Kaufmann, Vincent (2004) Vergleichende Geschichte der Literaturtheorie (1950-1990); Anlauffinanzierung für die Vorbereitung eines SNF-Gesuches (Oktober 2004) [fundamental research project]

Project Kluge, Annette & Ritzmann, Sandrina (2007) Wirkungs- und Trainingsbedarfsanalyse zur Entwicklung von Simulatoren für Industrie und Dienstleistung zum beschleunigten Aufbau von Erfahrungswissen [fundamental research project]

Project Kluge, Annette (2004) Wozu führt Veranstaltungsfeedback im Rahmen von Qualitätssicherungsmassnahmen? [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Loren, Scott & Metelmann, Jörg (2010) After the Tears: Victimhood and Subjectivity in the Melodramatic Mode [other project type] Official URL

Project López Labourdette, Adriana (2009) Die Rückkehr der Monster. Figuren und Figurationen des Monströsen in der zeitgenössischen spanischen Literatur [habilitation project]

Project Loock, Moritz (2012) Establishing the Science of Fast and Frugal Management: Empirical Evidence on the Value of Management Heuristics [fundamental research project]

Project Leimeister, Prof. Dr. Jan Marco; Seufert, Prof. Dr. Sabine; Söllner, Dr. Matthias & Rietsche, Roman (2016) Evaluating the Effectiveness of Digital Formative Learning Assessments in University Large-scale Lectures [fundamental research project]

Project Leicht-Deobald, Ulrich (2015) Managing Boundaries within Organizations [fundamental research project]

Project Ludewig, Revital (2004) Moraldilemmata von Richtern und Rechtsanwälten - Berufsschwierigkeiten und Bewältigungsversuche aus rechtspsychologischer Sicht [fundamental research project]

Project Leicht-Deobald, Ulrich; Fischer, Josef & Bruch, Heike (2014) More than Meets the Eye: Investigating the Role of Deep-Level Diversity [fundamental research project]

Project Leibfried, Peter & Pernsteiner, Angela (2012) Neuroaccounting: Neural Foundations of Financial Decision Making [fundamental research project]

Project Lechner, Christoph (2008) Performance Implications of Managing Corporate Programs [applied research project]

Project Lechner, Christoph; Albert, Daniel; Kreutzer, Markus & Oh, Lyndon (2009) Strategic Renewal [applied research project]


Project Menz, Markus (2010) Chief Strategy Officers in Top Management Teams [fundamental research project]

Project Maeder, Christoph & Hofer, Matthias (2003) Die Durchsetzung des unternehmerischen Selbst - Integration und Ausgrenzung in Unternehmen und sozialstaatlichen Programmen [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Müller, Lucien (2013) Die individuelle Selbstbestimmung und Eigenverantwortung in ihren Bezügen zur gesellschaftlichen Mitverantwortung - Eine Untersuchung aus staats- und verfassungsrechtlicher Sicht [fundamental research project]

Project Müller, Dr. Björn (2016) Embodying futures – prototyping in urban sites of collaborative innovation [fundamental research project]

Project Mettler, Tobias & Winter, Robert (2013) From Strategy to Implementation: Factors of Success and Failure of e-Health Initiatives [fundamental research project]

Project Müller-Stewens, Günter & Menz, Markus (2009) Managementkonzepte als Quelle von Mehrwert auf Gesamtunternehmensebene [fundamental research project]

Project Mühlmeier, Silke (2009) Marriage of learning activities and divorce of business strategies? [fundamental research project]

Project Mettler, Tobias (2013) Societal Value of IT: A New Perspective [fundamental research project]

Project Müller-Stewens, Benedikt (2015) The Role of Controls in Innovation: An Examination of Diagnostic Use, Interactive Use, and Dynamic Tension [fundamental research project]

Project Möller, Klaus (2014) Trade-off between Formal and Informal Management Controls: Investigating the Effects on New Product Development Teams' Behaviour and Performance [fundamental research project]

Project Morhart, Felicitas (2009) Transformational Selling [fundamental research project]


Project Nentwich, Julia C. (2003) Die Relevanz von Agency im Rahmen gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen. Eine Analyse am Beispiel des Kampfs um das Frauenstimmrecht in Appenzell [fundamental research project]

Project Nentwich, Julia C. & Ostendorp, Anja (2002) Familienfreundlichkeit in Organisationen [fundamental research project]


Project Odendahl, Kerstin (2006) Der Begriff des Terrorismus im Völkerrecht [fundamental research project]

Project Odendahl, Kerstin (2007) Der völkerrechtliche Status des Süsswassers [fundamental research project]

Project Ostendorp, Anja (2002) Familienfreundlichkeit in Organisationen [fundamental research project]

Project Ostendorp, Anja & Nentwich, Julia C. (2007) Zusammenleben und Diversity: Argumentationslogiken des Ein- und Ausschlusses aus diskurspsychologischer Perspektive [fundamental research project]


Project Palmié, Maximilian (2013) External Knowledge Sourcing for Innovation: Its Impact and the Influence of Moderating Factors [fundamental research project]

Project Pärli, Kurt (2004) Gleichbehandlung im privatrechtlichen Arbeitsverhältnis [fundamental research project]

Project Peters, Dr. Christoph (2017) International Postdoctoral Fellowship [fundamental research project]

Project Peters, Nils (2009) Proactive Sustainable Supply Chain Management Strategies [applied research project]


Project Reinecke, Sven & Hattula, Johannes (2012) Bridging the Separate Worlds of Marketing Science and Practice [fundamental research project]

Project Rudolph, Thomas & Glas, Alexandra (2008) Driving Healthy Food Choices Among Consumers [fundamental research project]

Project Rudolph, Thomas; Pfrang, Thilo; Evanschitzky, Heiner & Emrich, Oliver (2013) Reducing Returns in E-Commerce -- The Potential of Self-Benefits and Social Norms to Reduce Product Returns and Increase Customer Value [applied research project]

Project Reiners, Diana & Egger, Dr. Stephan (2012) The Making of «Business Elites» [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Ramspeck, Stefanie (2006) The Role of Public Brands to Create Trust-Based Co-operations between Public Institutions [fundamental research project]

Project Reinecke, Sven & Hattula, Johannes (2010) The Social Influence on the Adoption and Abandonment of Cultural Tastes [fundamental research project]


Project Schultheis, Franz; Mazzurana, Thomas & Holder, Patricia (2015) "Krisenwissenschaft" in einem soziologischen Laboratorium: eine Radiographie der griechischen Gegenwartsgesellschaft [fundamental research project]

Project Schudy, Christian (2009) "Leadership climate, ambidexterity, and performance" [fundamental research project]

Project Schultheis, Franz; Mazzurana, Thomas & Single, Erwin (2013) Art Unlimited? Dynamiken und Strukturen des globalen Kunstmarktes: Ethnographische Annäherungen auf der Art Basel Hong Kong [fundamental research project]

Project Schultheis, Franz & Holder, Patricia (2014) Citius, altius, fortius! Dynamiken der Arbeitswelt und ihre Konsequenzen in ärztlicher und soziologischer Diagnose [fundamental research project]

Project Schreiber, Dr. Florian (2016) Current Developments in Financial Services Regulation and Consumer Preferences for Term Life Insurance [fundamental research project]

Project Schedler, Kuno; Felix, Jürg; Spoun, Sascha & Koci, Martin (2002) Evaluation von "cultural change" im Zusammenhang mit WoV-Projekten [applied research project]

Project Schedler, Kuno & Brun, Mathias (2000) Hierarchie und Koordination [applied research project]

Project Schmeiser, Hato; Eling, Martin & Parnitzke, Thomas (2006) Implementing Dynamic Financial Analysis [fundamental research project]

Project Schmeiser, Hato & Gatzert, Nadine (2006) Implicit Options in Life Insurance Contracts: Valuation and Risk Management [fundamental research project]

Project Scherrer, Dr. Maike (2014) Incubating knowledge transfer in manufacturing networks [fundamental research project]

Project Silic, Mario & Back, Andrea (2015) Insights into Understanding Employees' Compliance with IT Security Policies in the Shadow IT Context [fundamental research project]

Project Schmid, Beat & Prykop, Catja (2005) Markenkaufverhalten in Szenen und Inszenierung von Marken [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Seufert, Sabine; Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina; Scheffler, Nina & Müller, Severina (2014) Modellierung und Messung der Informationskompetenz von Schülern in der Sekundarstufe II im Fachunterricht Wirtschaft und Recht [fundamental research project]

Project Schweizer, Rainer J. & Zelger, Ulrich (2008) Schweizer Verfassungen 1796-1850 [fundamental research project]

Project Scherer, Roland & Derungs, Curdin (2005) Standortwahlverhalten von Unternehmen: Zwischen Rationalität und Subjektivität [applied research project]

Project Sieger, Philipp (2011) Strategic Entrepreneurship and Succession in Family Firms [fundamental research project]

Project Schmid, Torsten (2008) Strategic Leadership Competence [fundamental research project]

Project Schedler, Kuno; Türke, Ralf-Eckhard & Eckert, Heiko (2008) Systemic City Governance. Design and application of a generic governance frame (GGF) [fundamental research project]

Project Schultheis, Prof. Dr. Franz; Mazzurana, Thomas & Holder, Patricia (2017) The Artist is absent: der Künstler als Kreativitäts-Entrepreneur und der Wandel der Repräsentationen und Praxen von „Kunst“ [fundamental research project]

Project Söllner, Matthias (2016) The Impact of the Digital Transformation on our Understanding of Key Drivers of Technology Usage - A Longitudinal Perspective on Trust [fundamental research project]

Project Söllner, Matthias (2014) The Impact of the Digital Transformation on our Understanding of Key Drivers of Technology Usage - The Case of Trust [fundamental research project]

Project Schulz, Florian (2008) The Psycho-Managerial Complex at Work: A Study of the Discursive Practices of Management Coaching [dissertation project]

Project Schetter, Dr. Ulrich (2016) The Quest for Shared Prosperity: New Insights on Globalization, Inequality, and Growth [applied research project]

Project Schneider, Dr. Tanja (2017) Venture food: A sociological study of venture capital, #foodtech innovation and the future of food [fundamental research project]

Project Schmid, Ulrich (2007) Von der Revolution zur Moderne. Eine europäische Kulturmorphologie des 19. Jahrhunderts anhand der Biographie Malwida von Meysenbugs (1816-1903) [fundamental research project]

Project Seiz, Ralf (2007) What drives the performance of hybrid securities? [fundamental research project]

Project Schultheis, Franz; Willner, Tina; Egger, Dr. Stephan; Single, Erwin; Hanselmann, Felix & Mazzurana, Thomas (2011) Zur Ökonomie symbolischer Güter am Beispiel einer Ethnographie der Art Basel [fundamental research project]


Project Tomczak, Torsten (2006) Empirische Untersuchung der Rolle von Marketingressourcen beim Erzielen von Wettbewerbsvorteil [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Tomczak, Torsten & Mühlmeier, Silke (2006) Empirische Untersuchung der Rolle von Marketingressourcen beim Erzielen von Wettbewerbsvorteilen [fundamental research project]


Project Ueberbacher, Florian (2014) The Legitimation of Innovations: Evidence from the Swiss Mechanical Watch Industry [fundamental research project]

Project Ulrich, Peter; Knobloch, Ulrike; Maak, Thomas; Thielemann, Ulrich & Breuer, Markus (2001) Wirtschaftsethik im philosophischen Diskurs [fundamental research project]


Project Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert; Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan & Haki, Prof. Dr. Kazem (2018) Behavioral Enterprise Architecture Management [fundamental research project]

Project Weibel, Antoinette & Sapegina, Anastasia (2015) Intended and Unintended Consequences of HR Practices: Explaining the Consequences of HR Practices from the Perspective of Social Comparison Theory [fundamental research project]

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf & Birkholz, Christoph (2010) Intuitive Decision-Making in High Uncertainty Contexts: The Case of Venture Capital Investment in Developing Country Renewable Energy Firms [fundamental research project]

Project Weiser, Dr. Ann-Kristin Making Sense of Strategy Execution: Towards an Improved Multilevel Understanding [fundamental research project]

Project Wunderlich, Werner (1994) Mittelalter-Mythen/Medieval Myths [other project type] Official URL

Project Westerwinter, Prof. Ph.D Oliver (2017) Power or Domestic Politics? Explaining State Participation in Informal International Institutions [fundamental research project]

Project Wunderlich, Werner (1989) Texteditionen Johanns II. von Simmern [applied research project] Official URL

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf & Bürer, Mary Jean (2006) The Influence of Regulatory Risk on Sustainability-Related Venture Capital Investment Decisions [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf & Kaenzig, Josef (2008) The effect of life-cycle cost information on consumer investment decisions for eco-innovation [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf & Loock, Moritz (2009) Understanding the Value of Business Models: Empirical Evidence from Choice Experiments with Renewable Energy Investors [fundamental research project]


Project Zeschky, Marco (2012) Managing global R&D: investigating the organizational antecedents of frugal and advanced product innovation [fundamental research project]

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