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Project Al-Kassab, Jasser (2007) Business Value of RFID in Department Store Retail [dissertation project]

Project Albani, Antonia (2010) Theory-driven Situational Design of Enterprise Information Systems [fundamental research project]


Project Baur, Dorothea (2012) Corporations as Political Actors - Normative Reflections and Empirical Explorations [fundamental research project]

Project Bergmann, Heiko; Volery, Thierry; Seidel, Irmi; Baumgartner, Daniel & Pütz, Marco (2008) Entrepreneurship im ländlichen Raum der Schweiz [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Biener, Christian & Eling, Martin (2010) Microinsurance and Efficiency in the Insurance Industry [fundamental research project]

Project Bechtel, Michael M. (2012) The Comparative Politics of Natural Disasters [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Ciortea, Dr. Andrei; Vachtsevanou, Danai & Mayer, Prof. Dr. Simon (2019) Hypermedia Communities of People and Autonomous Agents [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Davoine, Thomas; Mehmetaj, Ermira & Evenett, Simon J. (2009) Exploring the Boundaries of Public Finance, International Trade and System Competition: The New Heterogeneous Firm Based Approach [dissertation project] Official URL


Project Ebers, Anna & Wüstenhagen, Rolf (2015) Improving Energy Security through Swiss-Ukranian-Estonian Institutional Partnership [applied research project] Official URL

Project Eppler, Martin J. & Bischof, Nicole (2010) Knowledge management in the field of natural hazards and risk management in Switzerland. An empirical analysis of knowledge communication between science and practice [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Frauendorfer, Karl & Schürle, Michael (1995) Sequentielle Approximation stochastischer mehrstufiger Optmimierungsprobleme [fundamental research project]

Project Frauendorfer, Karl; Güssow, Jens & Ostermaier, Georg (1999) Stochastic Network Optimization: Application in Energy Management and Electronic Markets [applied research project]


Project Grichnik, Dietmar; Gruber, Marc; Gross, Uwe & Nikiforou, Argyro (2013) Antecedents, Processes, and Consequences of Business Model Design in Technology Ventures [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Gaehwiler, Elena (2004) Faschismus in Polen (1926-1939). Ästhetische Positionen und intellektuelle Reaktionen [fundamental research project]

Project Gava, Prof. Dr. Roy (2018) Global Enforcement against the Financial Industry [fundamental research project]

Project Gloor, Dr. Jamie (2021) Playing the Game relieves ‘More of the Same’? Leadership Diversity through Sport [applied research project] Official URL

Project Georgakakis, Dimitrios; Greve, Peder & Ruigrok, Winfried (2012) Top management team diversity and firm performance: Exploring new constructs and moderators [fundamental research project]


Project Huber, Martin; Mellace, Gioavanni & Lechner, Michael (2012) Identifying causal mechanisms in empirical economics [applied research project]

Project Hofmann, Prof. Dr. Erik & Röck, M.Sc. Dominik (2018) SNF: Foundation of distributed ledgers in supply chain management: Theory development, practical applicability and critical reflection [fundamental research project]


Project Jacobs, Claus D.; Ueberbacher, Florian; Kreutzer, Karin; Wolf, Carola; Lehmann, Tim & Floyd, Steven (2012) Seeking Strategic Coherence - Balancing Internal and External Legitimacy in Pluralistic Settings [fundamental research project]

Project Jacobs, Claus D.; Ueberbacher, Florian; Kreutzer, Karin; Wolf, Carola; Lehmann, Tim & Floyd, Steven (2008) Strategy as Discourse - Reconstructing a Social Practice [fundamental research project]


Project Keuschnigg, Christian (2010) Corporate Finance, Taxation and Economic Performance [applied research project]

Project Keuschnigg, Christian; Keuschnigg, Mirela & Jaag, Christian (2002) Education, Training, and Labor Market Search [applied research project] Official URL

Project Kluge, Annette; Burkolter, Dina & Schüler, Kerstin (2005) Kognitive Anforderungsanalyse zur Ableitung von Trainingsmodellen zur Steuerung technischer Systeme [other project type]

Project Keuschnigg, Christian & Kogler, Michael (2013) Taxation, Banking, and Sovereign Risk [applied research project]


Project Ludewig, Revital; Angehrn, Evelyne & Weislehner, Kathleen (2004) Berufsschwierigkeiten und Bewältigungsstrategien von Richtern und Rechtsanwälten: Moraldilemmata von Richtern und Rechtsanwälten aus rechtspsychologischer Sicht [fundamental research project]

Project Loock, Moritz & Wüstenhagen, Rolf (2013) HeatReserves: Demand Response for Ancillary Services [applied research project]

Project Ludewig, Revital (2012) Management and organizational culture in the justice [fundamental research project]


Project Mettler, Tobias (2012) Examining Factors for Success and Failure of e-Health Projects and Initiatives: The Swedish Case [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Mettler, Tobias; Rohner, Peter & Sprenger, Michaela (2014) Happy Mom - Developing a computerized self-help tool for women with postnatal depression [applied research project] Official URL

Project Mueller, Martin (2013) Materialising networks: moving knowledge, governing mega-events [fundamental research project]

Project Möller, Prof. Dr. Klaus; Weiser, M.A. Michael & Illich-Edlinger, Stefan (2018) The digital manager: How digitalization is transforming managerial decision-making [fundamental research project]


Project Nentwich, Julia C. & Özbilgin, Mustafa F. (2009) Change Agency und Diversity Management [fundamental research project]


Project Pernet, Corinne A. (2010) Recipes for Modernity: The Politics of Food, Development, and Cultural Heritage in the Americas [fundamental research project]


Project Ruigrok, Winfried; Wagner †, Hardy; Peck, Simon; Sikavica, Katarina & Tacheva, Sabina (2003) Corporate governance and economic performance in Switzerland and Germany [fundamental research project] Official URL


Project Scherer, Roland & Strauf, Simone (2011) Case Study Teaching in in economics and management education [other project type]

Project Stölzle, Wolfgang; Hoffmann, Volker; Klaas-Wissing, Thorsten & Kudla, Nicole (2010) Design of Interorganizational Incentive Models for Sustainability Management of Logistics Service Providers [fundamental research project]

Project Steyaert, Chris; Marti, Laurent & Michels, Christoph (2010) Disclosing New Worlds: Artistic Entrepreneuring through Designed Fictions [fundamental research project]

Project Schindler, Benjamin; Ruoss, Matthias; Genner, Susanne & Kram, Benjamin (2008) Dogmengeschichte des schweizerischen Verwaltungsrechts [fundamental research project]

Project Sellars, Roy (2012) Harold Bloom [fundamental research project]

Project Schreiner, Melanie (2002) I.Nets - Collaborative Capability in Information Technology Networks [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Schedler, Kuno; Schindler, Benjamin & Eicher, Angela (2012) Justizmanagement [applied research project]

Project Spaeth, Sebastian; Herting, Stephan; Loepfe, Christian & Haefliger, Stefan (2003) Open Source Software Entwicklung [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Sikavica, Katarina (2005) Publication Network [other project type]

Project Silic, Dr. Mario (2016) Reducing Insider Computer Abuse: Influence of contextual events [applied research project]

Project Semmelmann, Constanze (2010) The role of comparative law in EU law - the evolution of the principle of the prohibition of abuse of law [habilitation project]

Project Schmeiser, Hato (2006) Wealth and Risk [other project type] Official URL


Project Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert; Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan; Abraham, Dr. Ralf & Weiss, Dr. Simon (2011) A Design Theory for Architectural Coordination of Enterprise Transformations (ACET) [fundamental research project] Official URL

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf; Wuebker, Robert & Hampl, Nina Lucia (2009) Cognitive Biases in Sustainable Energy Venture Investment [fundamental research project]

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf; Hamschmidt, Jost & Kaenzig, Josef (2006) GRONEN 2006 - Sustainability Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship [other project type] Official URL

Project Wüstenhagen, Rolf & Heerwart, Sebastian (2006) Market Diffusion of Renewable Energy Innovation in China and Switzerland (DIFFREN.CH) [fundamental research project] Official URL

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