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Project Andonie, Eva (2012) Die Arabische Charta der Menschenrechte - Ein völkerrechtlicher Vertrag und seine nationale Wirkungsweise [dissertation project]

Project Alscher, Alexander (2007) Patterns, Paths, and Rationales of Resource Allocation in Portfolio Configuration [dissertation project]


Project Baur, Dorothea (2009) Actual and normative terms of the interaction between NGOs and corporations [other project type]

Project Boppel, Michael (2013) Corporate Initiative Programs - A Coordination Theory Perspective [fundamental research project]

Project Busch, Thorsten (2012) Corporate responsibility in digital environments: online social networks and their role as political institutions [fundamental research project]

Project Blettner, Daniela (2005) Emergence and Impact of Dominant (general management) Logic(s)in Software Ventures [dissertation project]

Project Burghardt, Dirk (2011) Essays in Industrial Organization [dissertation project]

Project Beckenbauer, Bernold (2005) Internationales Management industrieller Dienstleistungen [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Brühwiler, Claudia Franziska (2010) John Galt in Europe: The Reception of Ayn Rand in Europe and Her Influence on European Political Thought [habilitation project]

Project Binder, Jochen (2012) Online Channel Integration: Creating Customer Value Online and its Implications for the Offline Channel [dissertation project]

Project Boksberger, Philipp (2004) Perceived Risk as a Determinant of Customer Value of Services [dissertation project]

Project Beckstein, Martin (2006) Politics in the Market Place. Economic Practices as Political Action [dissertation project]

Project Brommundt, Bernd (2007) Pricing and Hedging of Collateralized Debt Obligations [dissertation project]


Project Collm, Alexandra (2009) Adapting Managerial Practices for Strategic Change [dissertation project]

Project Chassot, Sylviane (2012) Renewable Energy Policy Design Informed Through Economic Psychology [dissertation project]


Project De Giorgi, Enrico & Audrino, Francesco (2010) Applying Recent Developments in Computational Statistics to Behavioral Asset Pricing and Portfolio Selection [applied research project]

Project Dörner, Nadin (2011) Innovative work behavior: Potential antecedents and effects on job performance [applied research project]

Project Dietz, Martin (2004) Kapitaleinkommensbesteuerung, heterogene Firmenstruktur und Kapitalakkumulation [fundamental research project]

Project Dietz, Martin (2004) Kapitaleinkommensbesteuerung, heterogene Firmenstruktur und aggregierte Kapitalakkumulation [dissertation project]

Project Dopfer, Kurt & Baur, Patrick (2005) Zur Rolle des Konsumverhaltens in der ökonomischen Wachstumstheorie: Eine Abklärung hinsichtlich des Einbezugs von Erkenntnissen über die Präferenzbildung in die ökonomische Wachstumstheorie [dissertation project]


Project Erz, Antonia (2010) "It's innovative - I like it": Exploring Consumers' Perceptions of Innovativeness and How Marketing Communications Influence Them [dissertation project]

Project Engeler, Isabelle (2007) Consumers' discrete emotional responses to prices in the service context [dissertation project]

Project Elliker, Florian (2012) Structural transformations of the South African society. A discourse analysis of mundane reasoning [fundamental research project]


Project Festl, Michael (2012) Gerechtigkeit als historischer Experimentalismus. Gerechtigkeitstheorie nach der pragmatistischen Wende der Erkenntnistheorie [dissertation project]

Project Forster, Florian (2012) Social and Technology Entrepreneurship [applied research project] Official URL

Project Fischer, Justina (2006) The Impact of (direct) Democracy on the allocation of goods and resources for crime prevention and crime prosecution [fundamental research project]


Project Glamheden, Helena-Anna (2004) Country-of-Origin Effects on Consumer Attitudes towards Luxury Brands [dissertation project]

Project Grau, Renate (2005) Das Organisieren von ästhetischen Produkten - Strategien zur Erstellung belletristischer Bücher [dissertation project]

Project Grimm, Jörg H. (2012) Ensuring Suppliers' and Sub-Suppliers' Compliance with Corporate Sustainability Standards in Supply Chains [dissertation project]

Project Geib, Malte (2005) Kooperatives Customer Relationship Management in Finanzdienstleistungsnetzwerken [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Genser, Michael (2004) Structural Models for the Valuation of Corporate Securities [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Güssow, Carolin (2003) The Economics of donation [dissertation project]


Project Hoyer, Patrizia (2009) Careers in Transition - Resistance, Ambiguity and Contextual Resources in the Identity Constructions of Former Management Consultants [dissertation project]

Project Herrmann, Andreas & Heitmann, Marc (2004) Entscheidungszufriedenheit - Theoretische Analyse und empirische Untersuchung [dissertation project]

Project Habermacher, Florian (2012) Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policies with Limited Reach [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Hoidn, Sabine (2004) Fostering Learning Competencies in Higher Education [dissertation project]

Project Hirata, Johannes (2004) Happiness as a Policy Objective [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Huber, Martin (2011) Identifying direct and indirect effects in economics [fundamental research project]

Project Han, Zheng (2004) Managing Foreign R&D in the P. R. of China [dissertation project]

Project Hettich, Peter (2005) Public Enterprises and the Scope of State Functions [fundamental research project]

Project Hattula, Johannes (2011) Social Influence on Managerial and Consumer Decision Making [dissertation project]

Project Herrmann, Andreas & Tatarynowicz, Adam (2004) Structure and Performance of Global R&D Networks [applied research project]

Project Herting, Stephan (2006) The importance of care for project team effectiveness [dissertation project]

Project Herhausen, Dennis (2007) Understanding Proactive Customer Orientation: Construct Development and Managerial Implications [dissertation project]

Project Heinzle, Stefanie (2011) Visual representations of energy labels and implications for decision making [dissertation project]


Project Jasper, Ursula (2009) Why do some states acquire nuclear weapons whereas others do not? [dissertation project]


Project Kuhn, Daniel (2006) Active Portfolio Management Using Stochastic Programming [applied research project]

Project Kuhn, Daniel (2005) Aggregation and Discretization in Multistage Stochastic Programming [applied research project]

Project Knöferle, Klemens; Herrmann, Andreas & Spence, Charles (2012) Crossmodal Effects of Product Sound on Taste Perception [fundamental research project]

Project Klasing, Mariko (2006) Culture and Economic Development: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis [dissertation project]

Project Keller, Jens (2008) Dynamics of Competition and its Effects on Profitability [dissertation project]

Project Kolbe, Peter (2006) Research on Reinventing Government [applied research project]


Project Luger, Johannes (2013) A Longitudinal Perspective on Organizational Ambidexterity [fundamental research project]


Project Mierzejewska, Bozena Izabela (2004) Academic journal publishing - a systematic analysis [dissertation project]

Project Mohr, Thomas (2005) Corporate Entrepreneurship in intra-organizational Networks [dissertation project]

Project Menz, Markus (2008) Dynamic Capabilities, Management Innovation, and the Role of the Corporate Center in Diversified Firms [dissertation project]

Project Molner, Sven (2010) Early Market Signaling in Radical Innovation Development [dissertation project]

Project Miesler, Linda (2009) Improving product design: Empirische Untersuchung der emotionalen Wirkung anthropomorpher Produktdesigns am Beispiel Automobil [dissertation project]


Project Nussio, Enzo (2012) Fear, Distrust and Protection in Violent Societies [applied research project]


Project Oleschak Pillai, Rekha (2002) Development-induced Displacement: The Role of International Law [dissertation project]

Project Oschmann, Georg (2011) Exploring the causes of Servitization failure [dissertation project]


Project Perisic, Ana (2005) Implications of Capital Adequacy Rules on Financial Stability [dissertation project]

Project Prykop, Catja (2005) Markenwertsteigerung durch Szenen/Community Management [dissertation project]

Project Perez-freije, Javier (2007) Nachwuchsstipendium des SNF [applied research project]


Project Reinhold, Stephan (2011) Business Model Innovation Process [dissertation project]

Project Ritzmann, Sandrina (2011) Contributing to Aviation Safety: Crew Resource Management Training for Flight Attendants [dissertation project]

Project Remmel, Nils (2007) Kollektive Formen von Moral Hazard als Quelle systemischer Risiken im Finanzsystem [dissertation project]

Project Rüther, Frauke (2011) Making use of the middleman - Utilizing technology market intermediaries for external patent exploitation [dissertation project]

Project Reepmeyer, Gerrit (2004) Risk-sharing in Pharmaceutical R&D Collaborations [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Ruspekhofer, Silvia (2007) The WHO's Governance of Public Health Emergencies of International Concern: Implications for Travellers from a Human Rights Perspective [dissertation project]


Project Sikavica, Katarina (2007) CEO Turnover and Voluntary Information Disclosure: How Managemet "Impress" or "Fail to Impress" Directors and Shareholders (Durchführung im Rahmen des SNF-Stipendiums für angehende Forschende) [fundamental research project]

Project Schimmer, Markus (2008) Essays on Competitive Dynamics: Strategic Groups, Strategic Moves and Performance in the Global Insurance Industry [dissertation project]

Project Steyaert, Chris & Dominik-Battiste, Domnik (2005) How do power processes in top management teams influence the consistency of the concept of corporate strategy and resource allocation? A political perspective. [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Strassner, Martin (2005) Innovationspotenzial von RFID für das Supply Chain Management [dissertation project] Official URL

Project Sprecher, Franziska (2010) Internationale Verwaltungskooperationen [habilitation project]

Project Schawalder, Adrian (2009) Success Factors of Buyout-backed Initial Public Offerings in Continental Europe [dissertation project]

Project Stölzle, Wolfgang; Ehrenthal, Joachim C.F.; Karrer, Michael & Hämmerle, Michael (2011) Supply Chain Management und "lean logistics" eines First Tier Supplier der Automobilindustrie [other project type]


Project Thurner, Marc-Oliver (2004) A Strategic-Options Perspective for the Management of Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets: The Case of China [dissertation project]


Project Vanspyk, Benedikt (2004) Das Recht auf Selbstbestimmung in der Humanforschung. Eine rechtsvergleichende Untersuchung der verfassungsrechtlichen Grundlagen und Grenzen der Forschung am Menschen [dissertation project]


Project Wettstein, Florian (2005) Multinational Corporations and Global Justice [dissertation project]

Project Wyss, Christina (2004) The Race to Product Launch: First-Mover Strategies in the Semiconductor Industry [dissertation project] Official URL

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