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Journal paper

Item Mohr, Ernst & Chakraborty, Rabindra Nath (2005) Coordination and Motivation in Flat Hierarchies: The Impact of the Adjudication Culture. Economica, 72 (288). 563-576. ISSN 0013-0427

Item Bender, Andrea; Kägi, Wolfram & Mohr, Ernst (2002) Informal Insurance and Sustainable Management of Common-Pool Marine Resources in Ha'apai, Tonga. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 50 (2). 427-440. ISSN 0013-0079

Item Mohr, Ernst & Thomas, Jonathan P. (1998) Pooling sovereign risks: The case of environmental treaties and international debt. Journal of Development Economics, 55 (1). 173-190.

Item Janssen, Josef & Mohr, Ernst (1998) The Window of Opportunity for Rainforest Protection: The Time Remaining in the Rio-Process. International Environmental Affairs, 10 (1). 40-63.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1997) Die Läufe der Quadriga : Mikrodeterminanten der Entwicklung. Gaia, 1997 (2). 87-88. ISSN 0940-5550

Item Heister, Johannes; Mohr, Ernst; Stähler, Frank; Stoll, Tobias & Wolfrum, Rüdiger (1997) Strategies to Enforce Compliance with an International CO2-Treaty. International Environmental Affairs, 9 (1). 22-53. ISSN 1041-4665

Item Mohr, Ernst (1996) Sustainable Development and International Distribution: Theory and Application to Rainforests. Review of International Economics, 4 (2). 152-171.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1996) Sustainable Development and International Distribution: Theory and Application to Rainforests. Review of International Economics, 4 (2). 152-171.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1995) Greenhouse policy persuasion: towards a positive theory of discounting the climate future. Ecological Economics, 15 (3). 235-245. ISSN 0921-8009 [img]


Item Mohr, Ernst (1995) International Environmental Permit Trade and Debt: the Consequences of Country Sovereignty and Cross-Default Policies. Review of International Economics, 3 (1). 1-19.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1994) Environmental norms, society, and economics. Ecological Economics, 9 (3). 229-239.

Item Heister, Johannes; Michaelis, Peter & Mohr, Ernst (1992) The Use of Tradeable Emission Permits for Limiting CO2 Emissions. European Economy, special edition (1). 27-61.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1990) Courts of Appeal, Bureaucracies and Conditional Project Permits: The Role of Negotiating Non-Exclusive Property Rights Over the Environment. Journal of institutional and theoretical economics, 146 (4). 601-616.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1988) On the Incredibility of Perfect Threats in Repeated Games: Note. International Economic Review, 29 (3). 551-555.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1988) International borrowing and exhaustible resources : Note on a liquidity creditworthiness conflict. European Economic Review, 32 (6). 1385-1392.

Item Mohr, Ernst (1988) Appropriation of Common Access Natural Resources Through Exploration: The Relevance of the Open-Loop Concept. International Economic Review, 29 (2). 307-319.

Item de Meza, David & Mohr, Ernst (1985) Price Deregulation and the Production of Depletable Resources. International Economic Review, 26 (1). 213-218.


Item Mohr, Ernst : Punkökonomie : Stilistische Ausbeutung des gesellschaftlichen Randes. Hamburg : Sven Murmann Verlagsgesellschaft, 2016, - ISBN 978-3-946514-15-2. [img]

Item Mohr, Ernst : Ökonomie mit Geschmack : Die postmoderne Macht des Konsums. 1. Auflage 03.14. Hamburg : Murmann Verlag GmbH, 2014, - ISBN 978-3-86774-340-2.

Item Mohr, Ernst : The Transfer of Economic Knowledge. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 1999,

Item Mohr, Ernst : Umweltpolitik mit handelbaren Emissionsrechten : Möglichkeiten zur Verringerung der Kohlendioxid- und Stickoxidemissionen. Kiel : Kieler Studien, 1997,

Item Mohr, Ernst : Economic Theory and Sovereign International Debt. London, New York : Academic Press, 1991, - ISBN 0-12-504165-9.

Book Section

Item Mohr, Ernst: Das wissenschaftliche stilistische System. In Amstutz, Hans (ed.): Fuzzy Boundaries - Festschrift für Antonio Loprieno. Hamburg : Widmaier, 2015, S. 905-923. [img]


Item Mohr, Ernst: PressArt von vorne und hinten betrachtet : Was die (Wirtschafts-)Wissenschaft von der Kunst lernen kann. In Waldburger, Robert; Sester, Peter; Peter, Christoph & Baer, Charlotte M. (ed.): Law & economics : Festschrift für Peter Nobel zum 70. Geburtstag. Bern : Stämpfli, 2015, S. 537-554. [img]


Item Gärtner, Manfred: The making of applied economists: Challenges for undergraduate curricula. In Mohr, Ernst (ed.): The transfer of economic knowledge. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 1999, S. 103-124.

Item Mohr, Ernst: Aspects of Economic Valuation of Cultural Heritage : Dahlem Workshop Report. In Saving our Architectural Heritage. Chichester : John Wiley & Sons, 1997, S. 333-348.

Item Mohr, Ernst: Umweltnormen in der Gesellschaft und den Wirtschaftswissenschaften. In Bevölkerung, Entwicklung, Umwelt: Eine humanökologische Pertspektive. Opladen : Westdeutscher Verlag, 1997, S. 73-85.

Item Kirchgässner, Gebhard & Mohr, Ernst: Trade Restrictions as Viable Means of Enforcing Compliance With International Environmental Law: An Economic Assessment. In Enforcing environmental standards : economic mechanisms as viable means?. Berlin : Springer, 1996, S. 199-226. [img]

Item Mohr, Ernst: Tradeable emission permits for controlling greenhouse gases and complementary policies. In Climate change : designing a tradeable permit system. Paris : OECD, 1992, S. 227-250.

Item Mohr, Ernst: Global Warming: Economic Policy in the Face of Positive and Negative Spillovers. In Siebert, Horst (ed.): Environmental Scarcity. The International Dimension. Tübingen : J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1991, S. 187-211. [img]


Item Mohr, Ernst: Wie wählen Konsumenten? : Die verkehrte Welt stilistischer innovation. In: Kursbuch 2014 (2013), 174, S. 169-182. [img]


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