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Item Antretter, Torben; Blohm, Ivo & Grichnik, Dietmar: Predicting Startup Survival from Digital Traces: Towards a Procedure for Early Stage Investors. 2018. - International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). - San Francisco, CA, USA. [img]

Item Antretter, Torben; Sirén, Charlotta; Grichnik, Dietmar & Wincent, Joakim: Business Angels and Their Co-Investment Networks: A Longitudinal Analysis of Angel Group Members' Portfolio Returns. 2018. - Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC) 2018. - Waterford, Ireland.

Item Antretter, Torben; Sirén, Charlotta; Grichnik, Dietmar & Wincent, Joakim (2018) Business Angels and Their Co-Investment Networks: A Longitudinal Analysis of Angel Group Members' Portfolio Returns. 39 1.

Item Antretter, Torben; Sirén, Charlotta; Grichnik, Dietmar & Wincent, Joakim: Insights on Angel Portfolio Returns. [Monograph] [img]


Item Barata, Filipe; Tinschert, Peter; Rassouli, Frank; Baty, Florent; Brutsche, Martin; Steurer-Stey, Claudia; Puhan, Milo; Fleisch, Elgar & Kowatsch, Tobias: Smartphone-based Cough and Sleep Quality Detection. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]


Item Benninghaus, Christoph & Budde, Lukas: Digitale Technologien standortübergreifend nutzen – Schubkraft für kollektives Wissen. In: Industrie-Anzeiger 140 (2018), 7, S. 28-29.

Item Benninghaus, Christoph; Elbe, Christian & Friedli, Thomas (2018) Organizational Foundation of Digitalization: Implications for the Setup of Manufacturing Companies. ZWF Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb, 113 (12). 859-862. ISSN 0947-0085

Item Bieger, Thomas; Achleitner, Paul; Landolf, Urs; Serratore, Luca; Breitenstein, Yannik; Dilger, Bernadette; Angélil, Marc; Fujimoto, Sou; Böhm, Andreas; Meckel, Miriam; Borth, Damian; Gasser, Urs; Lohmann, Melinda Florina; Bruch, Heike; Berenbold, Sandra; Gassmann, Oliver; Josef, Barbara; Back, Andrea; Uebernickel, Falk; Kohler, Marc; Hehn, Jennifer; Leimeister, Jan Marco; Söllner, Matthias; Brenner, Walter; Gutzwiller, Thomas; Frank, Markus; Schürer, Wolfgang & Kissinger, Henry Böhm, Andreas (ed.) : Open Grid - Open Mind. 1. Auflage. St. Gallen : 2018, [img]

Item Boemelburg, Raphael; Palmié, Maximilian; Boehm, Jonas & Lekkas, Charlotte: Towards systematically developing individuals` ambidextrous performance: A Social Cognitive Perspective. 2018. - Strategic Management Society (SMS) 2018. - Paris. [img]


Item Buhmann, Joachim; Felix, Juerg; Gächter, Thomas; Kowatsch, Tobias; Lehmann, Roger; von Lutterotti, Nicola; Schedler, Kuno; Steurer, Johann & Wolfrum, Christian (2018) Digitalisierung der Medizin: Konsequenzen für die Ausbildung. Schweizerische Ärztezeitung, 99 (42). 1441-1444. ISSN 0036-7486 [img]

Item Burkhard, Barbara; Sirén, Charlotta; van Essen, Marc & Grichnik, Dietmar: CEO overconfidence and firm outcomes. 2018.

Item Burkhard, Barbara; Sirén, Charlotta; van Essen, Marc & Grichnik, Dietmar (2018) A Meta-Analytic Approach to Understanding the Effects of CEO Overconfidence on Firm Performance. 1-6. [img]

Item Burkhard, Barbara; Sirén, Charlotta; van Essen, Marc & Grichnik, Dietmar: The rationality of the irrational manager: How does CEO overconfidence influence firm performance? 2018. - VHB Jahrestagung 2018. - Magdeburg, 2018.

Item Böger, Maximilian; Lingens, Bernhard & Miehé, Lucas: How to build up an ecosystem – recommendations for practitioners. 2018. - XXIX International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference (ISPIM) 2018. - Stockholm, Sweden.


Item Carberry, Edward; Engelen, Peter-Jan & van Essen, Marc: How the media influence investors’ reactions to corporate misconduct. In: London School of Economics Business Review (2018), [img]

Item Carberry, Edward; Engelen, Peter-Jan & van Essen, Marc (2018) Which Firms Get Punished for Unethical Behavior? Explaining Variation in Stock Market Reactions to Corporate Misconduct. Business Ethics Quarterly, ISSN 1052-150X [img]

Item Carney, Michael; van Essen, Marc; Estrin, Saul & Shapiro, Daniel (2018) Business Groups Reconsidered: Beyond Paragons and Parasites. Academy of Management Perspectives, ISSN 1558-9080 [img]

Item Casadesus-Masanell, Ramon; Elterman, Karen & Gassmann, Oliver: Sportradar (A): From Data to Storytelling. Harvard Business School : 2018.

Item Chanson, Mathieu; Risius, Marten & Wortmann, Felix (2018) Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): An Introduction to the Novel Funding Mechanism Based on Blockchain Technology: Emergent Research Forum (ERF). Proceedings of the 24th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), [img]

Item Christ, Oliver; Czarniecki, Michael; Scherer, Lukas & Blohm, Ivo: Systematische Unternehmensentwicklung und Geschäftsmodellinnovation durch die Integration kollektiver Intelligenz: Mit digitalen Diensten Kunden gewinnen und halten. In Digital Customer Experience. Wiesbaden : Springer Vieweg, 2018, S. 255-269. [img]

Item Classen, Moritz; Blum, Christoph; Budde, Lukas; Hänggi, Roman & Friedli, Thomas (2018) Digitalisierung à la carte - Individuelle Auswahl von Use-Cases nach strategischen Prioritäten. ZWF Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb, 113 (12). 850-854. ISSN 0947-0085


Item Dahlinger, André; Tiefenbeck, Verena; Ryder, Benjamin; Gahr, Bernhard; Fleisch, Elgar & Wortmann, Felix (2018) The impact of numerical vs. symbolic eco-driving feedback on fuel consumption – A randomized control field trial. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 65 375-386. ISSN 1361-9209 [img]

Item Dahlinger, André; Wortmann, Felix; Ryder, Benjamin & Gahr, Bernhard: The Impact of Abstract vs. Concrete Feedback Design on Behavior Insights from a Large Eco-Driving Field Experiment. 2018. - ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2018). - Montreal QC, Canada. [img]

Item Deng, Ziliang; Yan, Jiayan & van Essen, Marc (2018) Heterogeneity of political connections and outward foreign direct investment. International Business Review, 27 (4). 893-903. ISSN 0969-5931 [img]

Item Duran, Patricio; van Essen, Marc; Heugens, Pursey; Kostova, Tatiana & Peng, Mike (2018) The impact of institutions on the competitive advantage of publicly listed family firms in emerging markets. Global Strategy Journal, ISSN 2042-5791 [img]


Item Frankenberger, Karolin & Zott, Christoph: Reaching for the stars: How should established firms organize to radically renew their business models? 2018. - Strategic Management Society Annual Conference 2018. - Paris.

Item Frankenberger, Karolin & Zott, Christoph: The role of differentiation, integration, and governance in developing innovative business models. 2018. - Academy of Management Annual Conference. - Chicago.

Item Friedli, Thomas; Basu, Prabir K.; Mänder, Christian; Calnan, Nuala; Biehl, Sebastian; Braun, Matthias; Buess, Paul; Köhler, Stephan; Lamba, Sanjit S.; Lehmann, Bernd; Lembke, Nikolaus; Lima, Jose Mario; Lupo, Marco; Moloney, Conor; Ponce, Nicolas; Reddy, Madan M. & Schneider, Uli Friedli, Thomas; Basu, Prabir K.; Mänder, Christian & Calnan, Nuala (ed.) : 21c Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 1st edition 2018. Aulendorf : Editio Cantor Verlag, 2018, - ISBN 978-3-87193-457-5. [img]


Item Friedli, Thomas; Benninghaus, Christoph; Elbe, Christian & Remling, Dominik: Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2018 – A national study. University of St.Gallen : 2018. [img]


Item Friedli, Thomas; Budde, Lukas; Benninghaus, Christoph; Elbe, Christian & Pejić, Tin: Benchmarking Digital Technologies. Evolution of production in high-wage countries: General Report. St. Gallen : 2018.

Item Friedli, Thomas; Buess, Paul; Köhler, Stephan; Chen, Cylia; Mendivil, Steve & Baker, Denyse (2018) The Impact of Quality Culture on Operational Performance - An Empirical Study from the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Item Friedli, Thomas; Elbe, Christian & Remling, Dominik: Hochlohnstandorte brauchen Industrie 4.0. In: Produktion - Technik und Wirtschaft für die deutsche Industrie 58 (2018), 30, S. 31.

Item Friedli, Thomas; Köhler, Stephan; Buess, Paul; Eich, Steffen; Basu, Prabir & Calnan, Nuala: FDA Quality Metrics Research Final Report Year 2. [Monograph]


Item Gahr, Bernhard; Ryder, Benjamin; Dahlinger, André & Wortmann, Felix: A Crowd Sensing Approach to Video Classification of Traffic Accident Hotspots. 2018. - Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition Conference. - New Jersey, NJ, U.S.A.. [img] [img]

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Item Gahr, Bernhard; Ryder, Benjamin; Dahlinger, André & Wortmann, Felix: Driver Identification via Brake Pedal Signals - A Replication and Advancement of Existing Techniques. 2018. - IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. - Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A.. [img]

Item Gassmann, Oliver: Studie Digital Banking 2025: Generation-Y treibt den digitalen Wandel – vier Banktypen werden entstehen. (2018), [img]


Item Gassmann, Oliver; Böhm, Jonas & Palmié, Maximilian : Smart City: Innovationen für die vernetzte Stadt - Geschäftsmodelle und Management. München : Hanser Verlag, 2018, - ISBN 978-3-446-45758-4.

Item Gassmann, Oliver & Bömelburg, Raphael: Cambridge Analytica - Rise and Fall. ECCH, 2018.

Item Gassmann, Oliver; Schuhmacher, Alexander; von Zedtwitz, Maximilian & Reepmeyer, Gerrit : Leading Pharmaceutical Innovation : How to win the Life Science Race. 3rd ed.. Berlin : Springer, 2018, - ISBN 978-3-319-66832-1. [img]


Item Gassmann, Oliver; Wecht, Christoph; Meister, Christoph & Bömelburg, Raphael : Der Innovationskulturnavigator, 66 Karten für den Kreativprozess. München : Hanser, 2018, - ISBN 978-3446-455-566. [img]

Item Glatzer, M; Panje, C.M; Sirén, Charlotta; Cihoric, N & Putora, P.M (2018) Decision Making Criteria in Oncology: A review. Oncology, 1-9. ISSN 0030-2414

Item Grichnik, Dietmar; Antretter, Torben & Stoeckel, Alexander: Deal Sourcing and Screening. In Alemany, Luisa & Andreoli, Job (ed.): Entrepreneurial finance : the art and science of growing ventures. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018, [img]

Item Grichnik, Dietmar & Hess, Manuel: Was der Mittelstand von Start-ups lernen kann. In: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (2018), [img]

Item Grichnik, Dietmar; Knape, Dominic & Hess, Manuel: Amazon Watch Dominance Index. [Monograph] [img]


Item He, Vivianna Fang; Sirén, Charlotta; Singh, Sheetal; Solomon, George & von Krogh, Georg (2018) Keep Calm and Carry On: Emotion Regulation in Entrepreneurs’ Learning From Failure. Entrepreneurship, theory and practice : ET & P, 42 (4). 605-630. ISSN 1042-2587 [img]


Item Hess, Manuel (2018) The bandwagon effects in networks: a literature review. [img]



Item Kibler, Ewald; Wincent, Joakim; Kautonen, Teemu; Cacciotti, Gabriella & Obschonka, Martin (2018) Why Social Entrepreneurs Are So Burned Out. Harvard Business Review, ISSN 0017-8012 [img]

Item Kohr, Dominik; Ahmad, Mussawar; Alkan, Bugra; Chinnathai, Malarvizhi Kaniappan; Budde, Lukas; Vera, Daniel; Friedli, Thomas & Harrison, Robert: Proposing a holistic framework for the assessment and management of manufacturing complexity through data-centric and human-centric approaches. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]

Item Kowatsch, Tobias: Designing Just-in-time Adaptive Interventions and Healthcare Chatbots with the Open Source Platform MobileCoach. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Item Kowatsch, Tobias: How to design EMAs and Digital Health Interventions with the Open Source Platform MobileCoach. [Conference or Workshop Item]

Item Kowatsch, Tobias; Nißen, Marcia; Rüegger, Dominik; Stieger, Mirjam; Flückiger, Christoph; Allemand, Mathias & von Wangenheim, Florian: The Impact of Interpersonal Closeness Cues in Text-based Healthcare Chatbots on Attachment Bond and the Desire to Continue Interacting: An Experimental Design. 2018. - 26th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2018). - Portsmouth, UK. [img]



Item Lahti, T; Halko, M; Karagozoglu, N & Wincent, Joakim (2018) Why and how do founding entrepreneurs bond with their ventures? Neural correlates of entrepreneurial and parental bonding. Journal of Business Venturing, ISSN 0883-9026 [img]


Item Lehr, Claus-Michael; Loretz, Brigitta; Hering, Stefanie; Friedli, Thomas & Stieneker, Frank (2018) May Life Cycle Management safeguard Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Item Lieven, Theo; Kwortnik, Robert J. & Tomczak, Torsten (2018) Buyer Monitoring Cross-Culturally. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, ISSN 1938-9655

Item Lingens, Bernhard & Bartsch, Uwe: Business Eco-Systems als Change Treiber in der Versicherungswelt – Wie die Helvetia ein Eco-System im Bereich HOME aufbaut. (2018),

Item Lingens, Bernhard & Gassmann, Oliver: Das Ende des Branchendenkens. (2018), [img]

Item Lingens, Bernhard; Miehé, Lucas & Spelmeyer, Maximilian: The Ecosystem Blueprint: Archetypes of Business Ecosystems and Recommendations for Design and Structure. 2018. - 18th European Academy of Management Conference (EURAM) 2018. - Reykjavik, Iceland.

Item Lingens, Bernhard & Spelmeyer, Maximilian: How young entrepreneurial companies orchestrate business ecosystems. 2018. - XXIX International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference (ISPIM) 2018. - Stockholm, Sweden.

Item Lorenz, Rafael; Benninghaus, Christoph; Netland, Torbjörn & Friedli, Thomas: Open Process Innovation and Digitalization of Manufacturing. 2018. - 25th International EurOMA Conference. - Budapest, Hungary.


Item Malmström, M; Voitkane, A; Johansson, J & Wincent, Joakim (2018) VC Stereotypes About Men and Women Aren’t Supported by Performance Data. Harvard Business Review, March, 2018 ISSN 0017-8012 [img]


Item Malmström, M & Wincent, Joakim (2018) The Digitization of Banks Disproportionately Hurts Women Entrepreneurs. Harvard Business Review, ISSN 0017-8012 [img]


Item Markowska, Magdalena; Grichnik, Dietmar; Brinckmann, Jan & Kapsa, Diana (2018) Strategic Orientations of Nascent Entrepreneurs: Antecedents of Prediction an Risk Orientation. Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal, 1-30. ISSN 0921-898X

Item Meeuw, Arne; Schopfer, Sandro; Ryder, Benjamin & Wortmann, Felix: LokalPower: Enabling Local Energy Markets with User-Driven Engagement. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]

Item Meeuw, Arne; Schopfer, Sandro & Wortmann, Felix: Experimental bandwidth benchmarking for P2P markets in blockchain managed microgrids. 2018. - REM2018: Renewable Energy Integration with Mini/Microgrid. - Rhodos, Greece. [img]

Item Mermoud, Alain; Keupp, Marcus Matthias; Huguenin, Kévin; Palmié, Maximilian & Percia David, Dimitri: Incentives for Human Agents to Share Security Information: A Model and an Empirical Test. 2018. - Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS). - Innsbruck.

Item Miehé, Lucas; Lingens, Bernhard & Böger, Maximilian: Business Ecosystem structures: How to configure key characteristics for value? 2018. - XXIX International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference (ISPIM) 2018. - Stockholm, Sweden.

Item Moellers, Thomas; Dellermann, Dominik; Leroux, Theodore; Leimeister, Jan Marco & Gassmann, Oliver: Business Model Innovation in the Internet of Things: A Configurational Perspective. 2018. [img]

Item Moellers, Thomas; Visini, Camillo Luca; Gassmann, Patrick; Haldimann, Mirella & Gassmann, Oliver: Business Model Configurations for High Performance. 2018. [img]

Item Mutlu, Canan; van Essen, Marc; Peng, Mike; Saleh, Sabrina & Duran, Patricio (2018) Corporate Governance in China: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Management Studies, 55 (6). 943-979. ISSN 0022-2380 [img]


Item Osterrieder, Philipp & Friedli, Thomas: Determinants for the organizational configuration of manufacturing companies offering data-based services. 2018. - Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. - Auckland. [img]


Item Palmié, Maximilian; Haefner, Naomi & Golden, Timothy D.: Clarifying CSE on Job Performance: The Roles of Innovative Work Behavior & Transformational Leaders. 2018. - Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2018. - Chicago.

Item Prud'homme, Dan; von Zedtwitz, Maximilian; Thraen, Joachim Jan-Thomas & Bader, Martin A. (2018) “Forced technology transfer policies”: workings in China and strategic implications. Technological forecasting and social change, 134 150-168. ISSN 0040-1625


Item Reinecke, Sven; Annen, Emil; Belz, Otto; Betz, Michael; Reinhold, Michael; Schmitz, Christian; Schögel, Marcus; Tomczak, Torsten & Zupancic, Dirk : Marketing-Kaleidoskop. 2. St.Gallen : Verlag Thexis, 2018, - ISBN 978-3-905819-31-1.

Item Ryder, Benjamin; Dahlinger, André; Gahr, Bernhard; Zundritsch, Peter; Wortmann, Felix & Fleisch, Elgar (2018) Spatial prediction of traffic accidents with critical driving events – Insights from a nationwide field study. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, ISSN 0965-8564 [img]


Item Sauerwald, Steve; van Oosterhout, Hans; van Essen, Marc & Peng, Mike (2018) Proxy Advisors and Shareholder Dissent: A Cross-Country Comparative Study. Journal of Management, 44 (8). 3364-3394. ISSN 0149-2063 [img]

Item Schuhmacher, Alexander; Gassmann, Oliver; McCracken, Nigel & Hinder, Markus (2018) Open innovation and external sources of innovation. An opportunity to fuel the R&D pipeline and enhance decision making? Journal of Translational Medicine, 16 (119). 1-14. ISSN 1479-5876 [img]


Item Schweitzer, Fiona; Palmié, Maximilian & Gassmann, Oliver (2018) Beyond listening: the distinct effects of proactive versus responsive customer orientation on the reduction of uncertainties at the fuzzy front end of innovation. R&D Management, 48 (5). 534-551. ISSN 0033-6807

Item Shih, Chen-Hsuan Iris; Nißen, Marcia; Büchter, Dirk; Durrer, Dominique; l’Allemand, Dagmar; Fleisch, Elgar & Kowatsch, Tobias: Smartphone-based Biofeedback Breathing Training for Stress Management. [Conference or Workshop Item] [img]


Item Sirén, Charlotta; Grichnik, Dietmar; von Krogh, Georg; Wesemann, Henrik; Fang He, Vivianna & Jonassen, Zoe (2018) Suppress or Reappraise Your Emotion? Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams. Academy of Management Global Proceedings, (2018). 281.

Item Sirén, Charlotta; Patel, Pankaj; Örtqvist, Daniel & Wincent, Joakim (2018) CEO burnout, managerial discretion, and firm performance: The role of CEO locus of control, structural power, and organizational factors. Long Range Planning LRP, ISSN 0024-6301 [img]


Item Sirén, Charlotta; Thorgren, Sara & Järlström, Maria (2018) Self-directed career management and mobility: The risk of lock-in effects from person–job fit. International Journal of Human Resource Management, ISSN 0958-5192

Item Stieger, Mirjam; Nißen, Marcia; Rüegger, Dominik; Kowatsch, Tobias; Flückiger, Christoph & Allemand, Mathias (2018) PEACH, a smartphone- and conversational agent-based coaching intervention for intentional personality change: study protocol of a randomized, wait-list controlled trial. BMC Psychology, 6 (43).

Item Stroe, S; Wincent, Joakim & Parida, V (2018) Untangling intense engagement in entrepreneurship: Role overload and obsessive passion in early-stage entrepreneurs. Journal of Business Research, 90 59-66. ISSN 0148-2963 [img]


Item Tiefenbeck, Verena; Goette, Lorenz; Degen, Kathrin; Tasic, Vojkan; Fleisch, Elgar; Lalive, Rafael & Staake, Thorsten (2018) Overcoming Salience Bias: How Real-Time Feedback Fosters Resource Conservation. Management Science, 64 (3). 983-1476. ISSN 0025-1909

Item Tomczak, Torsten: Marketing Weiterdenken – Reflexion von Torsten Tomczak. In Bruhn, Manfred & Kirchgeorg, Manfred (ed.): Marketing Weiterdenken : Zukunftspfade für eine marktorientierte Unternehmensführung. Wiesbaden : Springer Gabler, 2018, S. 65-66. [img]

Item Tomczak, Torsten & Scharfenberger, Philipp: Kreativität bleibt der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. In: HandelsZeitung : Schweizer Wochenblatt für Wirtschaft (2018), S. 45.

Item Tomczak, Torsten; Scharfenberger, Philipp; Morhart, Felicitas & Treiber-Ruckenbrod, Jennifer (2018) Die neue Welt der Markenkommunikation - Ein zukunftsorientierter Ansatz zum ganzheitlichen Management von Markenauftritten. (6).


Item Voitkane, A.; Johansson, J.; Malmström, M. & Wincent, Joakim: How vague entrepreneuial identities of Swedish women entrepreneurs are performed by government financiers. In Women Entrepreneurs and the Myth of ‘Underperformance’: A New Look at Women’s Entrepreneurship Research. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018,

Item Vom Brocke, Jan; Maaß, Wolfgang; Buxmann, Peter; Maedche, Alexander; Leimeister, Jan Marco & Pecht, Günter (2018) Future Work and Enterprise Systems. Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE), 1-10. ISSN 2363-7005 [img]


Item von Zedtwitz, Maximilian & Bischof, Severin Friedrich: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: How Corruption Distance Affects R&D Investment Flows. 2018. - Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM). - Chicago, USA.


Item Wesemann, Henrik; Sirén, Charlotta Agneta; He, Fang & Grichnik, Dietmar: Learn, Learn, but Not the Same Way: How does TMT Learning Influence Radical Innovation in SME? 2018. - Academy of Management Proceedings. [img]

Item Wiech, Michael; Benninghaus, Christoph; Schlauri, Sandro; Drost, Robin & Friedli, Thomas: Strategische Positionierung von Standorten – Implikationen für internationale Produktionsnetzwerke. In: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb : ZWF 113 (2018), 1-2, S. 22-26.

Item Wiech, Michael; Walter, Hendrik & Friedli, Thomas (2018) Management of international manufacturing networks – a site portfolio approach. EurOMA 2018 Proceedings, 25 1-10.


Item Yu, Qianchen; Meeuw, Arne & Wortmann, Felix: Design and implementation of a blockchain multi-energy system. 2018. - Energy Informatics 2018. - Oldenburg. [img]


Item Zobel, Nina & Ambos, Björn: European business research in perspective: The focus of regionalisation in the international business literature. In The Routledge Companion to European Business. Routledge, 2018, S. 29-40.

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