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Item Ammann, Manuel & Schaub, Nic (2020) Do Individual Investors Trade on Investment-related Internet Postings? Management Science, ISSN 0025-1909 [img]

Item Aregger, Silvan & Eling, Martin : Alternative Modelle zur Finanzierung der Langzeitpflegekosten. 67. St.Gallen : Institut für Versicherungswirtschaft der Universität St.Gallen, 2020,

Item Avdjiev, Stefan; Bogdanova, Bilyana; Bolton, Patrick; Kartasheva, Anastasia & Jiang, Wei (2020) CoCo Bonds Issuance and Bank Fragility. Journal of Financial Economics, ISSN 0304-405X


Item Ballensiefen, Benedikt & Ranaldo, Angelo: Safe Asset Carry Trade. 2020. - ASSA 2020 Annual Meeting. - San Diego, California.

Item Basten, Christoph; Kartasheva, Anastasia & Park, Sojung Carol: Real Effects of Rating Standards for Catastrophic Risks. Working paper, 2020,

Item Bauckloh, Tobias; Utz, Sebastian; Zeile, Sebastian & Zwergel, Bernhard: UN PRI signatories' ethics: Serious ethical first movers vs. late free riders. 2020. - Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability 2020. - Online Seminar Series.

Item Beritelli, Pietro; Reinhold, Stephan & Laesser, Christian (2020) Logics behind evading overnight taxes: a configurational analysis. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,, Vol. 32 (2). 871-888. ISSN 0959-6119

Item Bertasiute, Akvile; Massaro, Domenico & Weber, Matthias (2020) The Behavioral Economics of Currency Unions: Economic Integration and Monetary Policy. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 112, March 2020, 103850 [img]

Item Bertasiute, Akvile; Massaro, Domenico & Weber, Matthias: Deglobalisation post COVID-19 could spell trouble for the European Monetary Union. In: LSE Business Review (2020), [img]

Item Biener, Christian; Eling, Martin & Lehmann, Martin (2020) Weighting Privacy Against Insurance Coverage. conditionally accepted for publication in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, ISSN 0167-2681

Item Braun, Alexander & Schreiber, Florian (2020) Performance Measurement in the Life Insurance Industry: An Asset-Liability Perspective. Journal of Fixed Income, forthcoming ISSN 1059-8596 [img]

Item Braun, Alexander & Xu, Jiahua (2020) Fair Value Measurement in the Life Settlement Market. Journal of Fixed Income, 29 (4). 100-123. ISSN 1059-8596

Item Breitenstein, Miriam; Anke, Carl-Philipp; Nguyen, Duc Khuong & Walther, Thomas: Stranded Asset Risk and Political Uncertainty: The Impact of the Coal Phase-out on the German Coal Industry. Utrecht School of Economics Working Paper, 2020, 2. [img]

Item Breu, Michael & Trütsch, Tobias: Das Ende des Bargelds? [Blog]. URL: . (6 May 2020).

Item Brown, Martin; Hentschel, Nicole; Mettler, Hannes & Stix, Helmut: Financial Innovation, Payment Choice and Cash Demand – Causal Evidence from the Staggered Introduction of Contactless Debit Cards. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2020, 02. [img]

Item Brown, Martin; Kirschenmann, Karolin & Spycher, Thomas (2020) Numeracy and the Quality of On-the-Job Decisions: Evidence from Loan Officers. Economic Inquiry, Volume 58 (Issue 2). 998-1022. [img]

Item Brown, Martin; Morkötter, Stefan & Guin, Benjamin (2020) Deposit Withdrawals from Distressed Banks: Client Relationships Matter. Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 46 [img]


Item Cenedese, Gino; Ranaldo, Angelo & Vasios, Michalis (2020) OTC Premia. Journal of Financial Economics, 136 (1). 86-105. ISSN 0304-405X

Item Chanson, Mathieu; Martens, Nils & Wortmann, Felix (2020) THE ROLE OF USER-GENERATED CONTENT IN BLOCKCHAIN-BASED DECENTRALIZED FINANCE. ECIS 2020 Proceedings, [img]

Item Charfeddine, Lanouar; Klein, Tony & Walther, Thomas (2020) Reviewing the oil price–GDP growth relationship: A replication study. Energy Economics, 88 (104786). ISSN 0140-9883


Item Degiannakis, Stavros; Filis, George; Klein, Tony & Walther, Thomas (2020) Forecasting Realized Volatility of Agricultural Commodities. International Journal of Forecasting, ISSN 0169-2070

Item Dorfleitner, Gregor; Grebler, Johannes & Utz, Sebastian (2020) The Impact of Corporate Social and Environmental Performance on Credit Rating Prediction: North America versus Europe. Journal of Risk, ISSN 1465-1211


Item Eling, Martin (2020) Financing Long-Term Care: Some Ideas from Switzerland, comment on “Financing Long-term Care: Lessons From Japan”. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 9 (1). 39-41.

Item Eling, Martin & Kraft, Mirko (2020) The Impact of Telematics on the Insurability of Risks. Journal of Risk Finance, ISSN 1526-5943

Item Eling, Martin & Loperfido, Nicola (2020) New Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Science and Finance, Editorial to Special Issue. The European Journal of Finance, 96-99. ISSN 1351-847X

Item Eling, Martin; Schaper, Philipp & Hoyt, Robert E. (2020) The Impact of Capacity on Price and Productivity Change. Journal of Insurance Issues, ISSN 1531-6076

Item Eling, Martin & Schnell, Werner: Extreme cyber risks and the nondiversification trap. , 2020,

Item Ellul, Andrew; Jotikasthira, Pab; Kartasheva, Anastasia; Lundblad, Christian & Wagner, Wolf: Insurers as Asset Managers and Systemic Risk. Working paper, 2020,

Item Epper, Thomas; Fehr, Ernst; Fehr-Duda, Helga; Kreiner, Claus Thustrup; Lassen, David Dreyer; Leth-Petersen, Søren & Rasmussen, Gregers Nytoft (2020) Time Discounting and Wealth Inequality. American Economic Review, 110 (4). 1177-1205. ISSN 0002-8282 (Print) [img]


Item Frauendorfer, Karl; Gutsche, Robert & Schürle, Michael (2020) Accounting and Performance Issues in Swiss Electricity Trading. 1-38. [img]


Item Grüttner, Arne; Wambsganss, Thiemo & Back, Andrea (2020) From Data to Dollar – Using the Wisdom of an Online Tipster Community to Improve Sports Betting Returns. European Journal of International Management (EJIM) - Special Issue on: "International Sports Management" [img]

Item Gutsche, Robert & Rif, Alexandru Septimiu: The Shortcomings of Segment Reporting and their Impact on Analysts' Earnings Forecasts. 2020.

Item Gutsche, Robert & Rif, Alexandru Septimiu: The Shortcomings of Segment Reporting and their Impact on Analysts' Earnings Forecasts. 2020. - AAA Annual Meeting 2020. - Atlanta. [img]


Item Hofmann, Erik; Braun, Alexander; Volk, Jörn & Favre, Pierre: Wenn das Vertrauen fehlt: Die unterschätzte Gefahr einer Klemme bei Lieferantenkrediten. Diskussionsbeiträge des Instituts für Supply Chain Management, Universität St.Gallen, 2020, [img]

Item Hofmann, Erik; Enthoven, Maximilian & Fallegger, Sara: TradeIX: Blockchain-Enabled Trade Finance in Global Supply Chains (Teaching Case). Ivey Business School : Ivey Cases, 2020.

Item Hofmann, Erik & Sertori, Yannick (2020) Financial Spillover Effects in Supply Chains: Do Customers and Suppliers Really Benefit? logistics, 4 (1). 1-27. [img]

Item Hofmann, Erik & Wetzel, Philipp (2020) Working Capital Management Studie 2020 – Supply Chain Finance In-N-Out. 7. Auflage

Item Hohmann, Florian: Impression Management in der Schweizer Lageberichterstattung. Thesis, 2020.

Item Hohmann, Florian & Schäfer, Dirk (2020) Impression Management in der Finanzberichterstattung. Expert Focus, 94 (4). 228-234. ISSN 0036-746X [img]

Item Huang, Laura; Röck, Dominik; Murray, Alex & Hofmann, Erik: Funding a Blockchain-Based Start-Up's Supply Chain Solution (Teaching Note). Boston, MA : Harvard Business School, 2020.


Item Imwinkelried, Daniel & Trütsch, Tobias: Bargeld oder Kreditkarte? Die Schweiz ist in zwei Lager gespalten. (2020),


Item Kartasheva, Anastasia & Micic, Kristina: Interconnectedness and Complexity of the Global Insurance Market. Working paper, 2020,

Item Kartasheva, Anastasia & Yilmaz, Bilge: Precision of Ratings. Working paper, 2020,

Item Kathan, Manuel C. & Tykvova, Tereza (2020) How Do Leveraged Buyouts Affect Industry Peers? An Analysis of the Information and the Competition Channel.

Item Keuschnigg, Christian & Kogler, Michael (2020) The Schumpeterian Role of Banks: Credit Reallocation and Capital Structure. European Economic Review, (121). ISSN 0014-2921

Item Kogler, Michael (2020) Risk shifting and the allocation of capital: A Rationale for macroprudential regulation. Journal of Banking and Finance, (118). ISSN 0378-4266


Item Leibfried, Peter (2020) Clarity on Business Reporting – Geschäftsberichte lesen und verstehen. 8. Auflage 16-21.


Item Neumann, Christopher & Berndt, Thomas (2020) Data Analytics in der Financial Due Diligence – Status quo und künftige Entwicklungen. M&A Review, (7-8). 236-242. ISSN 1616-0878 [img]

Item Nguyen, Duc Khuong & Walther, Thomas (2020) Modeling and Forecasting Commodity Market Volatility with Long-term Economic and Financial Variables. 39 (2). 126-142.


Item Ranaldo, Angelo & Santucci de Magistris, Paolo: Trading Volume, Illiquidity and Commonalities in FX Markets. 2020. - ASSA 2020 Annual Meeting. - San Diego, California.

Item Rif, Alexandru Septimiu & Utz, Sebastian (2020) Short-term Stock Price Reversals after Extreme Events.


Item Schlittler, Thomas & Trütsch, Tobias: Digitales Bezahlen boomt wegen Corona - Bargeld bei Migros in der Minderheit. In: Sonntagsblick (2020),

Item Schnell, Werner: Does cyber risk pose a systemic threat to the insurance industry? 2020. - World Risk and Insurance Economics Conference. - New York.

Item Schnell, Werner: Does cyber risk pose a systemic threat to the insurance industry? , 2020, [img]

Item Schreyer, Marco; Sattarov, Timur; Gierbl, Anita Stefanie; Reimer, Bernd & Borth, Damian: Learning Sampling in Financial Statement Audits using Vector Quantised Autoencoder Neural Networks. 2020. - International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance. - New York, NY, USA. [img]

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing In Disguise: Implementing Exploration In An Exploitation-driven Financial Services Provider To Become Ambidextrous. 2020. - ISMS Marketing Science Conference. - Durham, USA.

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing in Disguise: How to Implement Exploration in an Exploitation-Driven Multinational Financial Services Provider. 2020. - Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference. - Coral Gables, USA.

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing in Disguise: Implementing Exploration in an Exploitation-Driven Multinational Financial Services Provider to Become Ambidextrous. 2020. - 16th International Research Conference in Service Management. - LaLonde, France.

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing in Disguise: Implementing Exploration in an Exploitation-Driven Financial Services Provider to Become Ambidextrous. 2020. - SMS Annual Conference. - London, UK.

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing in Disguise: Implementing Exploration in an Exploitation-Driven Multinational Financial Services Provider to Become Ambidextrous. 2020. - EGOS Colloquium. - Hamburg, Germany.

Item Schumacher, Christopher & Maas, Peter: A Blessing in Disguise: Implementing Exploration in an Exploitation-Driven Multinational Financial Services Provider to Become Ambidextrous. 2020. - EURAM 2020 Conference. - Dublin, Ireland.

Item Schwaninger, Markus & Grösser, Stefan N.: System Dynamics Modeling: Validation for Quality Assurance. In Dangerfield, Brian (ed.): System Dynamics.Theory and Applications. A Volume in the Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science. New York : Springer, 2020, S. 119-138. [img]

Item Senn, Myriam (2020) Kommentar zu Art. 1-2-3 NBG, in: Kommentar zum Bundesgesetz über die Schweizerische Nationalbank (NBG) und zum Bundesgesetz über die Währung und die Zahlungsmittel (WZG), Dike Verlag, Zürich/St.Gallen, 2020.


Item Trütsch, Tobias: Bargeldloses Bezahlen boomt [Blog]. URL: . SRF (21 July 2020).

Item Trütsch, Tobias: Das Coronavirus fördert bargeldloses Bezahlen [Blog]. URL: . (12 March 2020).

Item Trütsch, Tobias: Das Coronavirus hat das Zahlungsverhalten verändert [Blog]. URL: . (13 May 2020).

Item Trütsch, Tobias: Does contactless payment reduce cash usage? [Blog]. URL: . (19 March 2020).

Item Trütsch, Tobias: Measuring cash usage and the costs of cash. World Banknote Summit. Prague, 25 February 2020.

Item Trütsch, Tobias: Zahlungsverhalten in der Schweiz während der Coronapandemie - Analysen und Abbildungen Payment behaviour during the corona pandemic in Switzerland - analyses and figures [Blog]. URL: . (30 April 2020).

Item Trütsch, Tobias: The drivers shaping individual payment behavior. World Banknote Summit. Prague, 26 February 2020.

Item Trütsch, Tobias (2020) The impact of contactless payment on cash usage at an early stage of diffusion. Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 156 (5). ISSN 0303-9692 [img]


Item Weber, Matthias: Das deutsche Bundesverfassungsgericht hat seine volkswirtschaftlichen Hausausaufgaben nicht gemacht. In: Ökonomenstmme (2020), [img]

Item Weber, Matthias: Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman: The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay. In: Financial Markets and Portfolio Management Forthcoming. (2020), [img]

Item Weber, Matthias: Eurobonds (or Coronabonds) Would not Be Costly for Northern Euro Area Countries. In: LSE Business Review (2020), [img] [img]

Item Weber, Matthias: The German court ruling against ECB asset purchases doesn’t make economic sense. In: LSE Business Review (2020), [img] [img]

Item Weber, Matthias: In Favor of Rule-Based Monetization of Public Debt. (2020), [img]

Item Weber, Matthias; Jonas, Striaukas; Martin, Schumacher & Harald, Binder: Network-Constrained Covariate Coefficient and Connection Sign Estimation. School of Finance Working Paper Series, 2020, 2020/01. [img]

Item Wetzel, Philipp (2020) Have we been wrong? The performance impact of Supply Chain Finance-Practices. 29th International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA) Conference proceedings: Procurement Innovation, Knoxville, USA, April 5-8, 2020,

Item Wetzel, Philipp: Supply Chain Finance: Welche Lösung passt zur Working-Capital-Managementstrategie meines Unternehmens? In: Steuer- & Finanzratgeber für Unternehmen Januar (2020), S. 5-8.

Item Wetzel, Philipp & Hofmann, Erik (2020) Service Portfolio Extensions and Sales Incentives: An Examination of Financial Value-Added Services Provided by Logistics Service Providers. International Journal of Supply Chain and Operations Resilience, 4 (1). 21-36. ISSN 2052-868X

Item Wetzel, Philipp; Hofmann, Erik & Köpple, Felix (2020) Supply Chain Finanzierung in der Automobilindustrie: Wie OEMs mithilfe unternehmensübergreifender Working Capital- Praktiken die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit ihrer Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke zukünftig verbessern können. Controlling: Zeitschrift für erfolgsorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung, 32 (2). 12-20. ISSN 0935-0381 [img]

Item Wetzel, Philipp; Nydegger, Marc; Enthoven, Maximilian & Hofmann, Erik: Solving the fundamental problem of supply chain finance research using a big data and web scraping approach. [Conference or Workshop Item]

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