A Case Study of Stakeholder Concerns on EAM

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As a result of growing complexities in business processes, information systems, and the technical infrastructure, a key challenge for enterprise architecture management (EAM) is to guide stakeholders from different hierarchical levels with heterogeneous concerns. EA deliverables, such as models or frameworks, are often highly comprehensive and standardized. However, these can hardly be applied without greater adaption. Although the literature selectively covers approaches for tailoring EA deliverables closer to the concerns of affected stakeholders, these approaches are often vague or not very differentiated. In the paper at hand, we aim at introducing a stakeholder perspective to EAM research that considers stakeholder concerns on EAM across hierarchical levels. To this end, we conduct a case study: Our results show homogenous concerns among stakeholders on EA deliverables. In turn, we found different concerns on the role of EAM in applying these deliverables, dependent on the hierarchical level of stakeholders. These findings stress the necessity for a more differentiated understanding of stakeholder concerns on EAM. Finally, we discuss the implications of our findings for an exemplary EAM approach.

Authors Hacks, Simon; Brosius, Maximilian & Aier, Stephan
Editors Hallé, Sylvain; Dijkman, Remco & Lapalme, James
Projects Winter, Prof. Dr. Robert; Aier, Prof. Dr. Stephan; Haki, Prof. Dr. Kazem; Brosius, Maximilian & Schilling, Raphael (2016) Dynamics of Institutional Mechanisms in Enterprise-wide Information Systems Architecture [fundamental research project]
Language English
Keywords enterprise architecture management (EAM) stakeholder concerns hierarchical level case study
Subjects information management
Institute/School ?? SoM LA / UA ??
IWI - Institute of Information Management
HSG Classification contribution to scientific community
HSG Profile Area SoM - Business Innovation
Date 10 October 2017
Publisher IEEE Computer Society
Place of Publication Los Alamitos, CA
Page Range 50-56
Title of Book Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE 21st International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops and Demonstrations (EDOCW 2017)
Event Title Trends in Enterprise Architecture Management (TEAR) hosted in Quebec
Event Dates October 10-13, 2017
Depositing User Maximilian Brosius
Date Deposited 04 Aug 2017 11:36
Last Modified 02 Nov 2017 08:46
URI: https://www.alexandria.unisg.ch/publications/251333


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Hacks, Simon; Brosius, Maximilian & Aier, Stephan: A Case Study of Stakeholder Concerns on EAM. 2017. - Trends in Enterprise Architecture Management (TEAR) hosted in Quebec.


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