End User Agreement

Dear User, please read the following points carefully before making the attached publication available to the public:

1. The upload of texts, graphs, pictures and similar works (termed “material(s)” in the following) onto the platform is an activity which is subject to copyright laws. If you are not the sole proprietor of the copyrights to a given material (e.g. if the material belongs to a third party, you produced this material together with others (co-authors) and/or transferred the rights to the material to a publisher) you may only upload the material onto the platform with express, written consent of the third party, the co-author, the publisher or other copyright holders. With the upload of a given material onto the platform, you confirm that you have clarified the situation concerning the copyright and are authorised to upload the material onto the platform.

2. You are further obligated to arrange for the removal from the platform of any of the materials uploaded by you if you transfer the copyrights to this material to a third party after its upload and/or the consent of the copyright holder is revoked or becomes invalid otherwise.

3. It is prohibited to upload any materials with illegal content onto the platform.

4. The operator of the platform expressly reserves the right to remove from the platform any materials, which were uploaded in violation of these Terms of Use or which violate national or international laws or which may be found offensive otherwise, without prior warning or other notice, as well as to block the account of the user responsible.

5. You agree that all materials entered or attached represent their own views and opinions, for which the operator of the platform takes no responsibility whatsoever.

6. The operator of this platform is in no way responsible for violations or transgressions of these Terms of Use and of national or international laws. Should the operator be prosecuted for these by third parties, he reserves the right to recourse to the user responsible for the violation and/or to release the user’s identity to the holder of the material’s rights and/or to the authorities responsible.

7. These Terms of Use are subject to Swiss law. Any disputes resulting from or in relation to these Terms of Use and/or the upload of materials onto the platform are under the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of St. Gallen.

I hereby agree to and accept these Terms of Use and state, that I am not in violation of any of the points mentioned above and, where necessary, have acquired the consent of the copyright holder of the attached material(s).

More information (on Open Access on the University of St. Gallen) you find here: https://www.unisg.ch/de/universitaet/bibliothek/dienstleistungen/openscience/openaccess

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