Touchpoint Management for Sonova AG / Phonak AG


Identification and analysis of existing and new touchpoints that provide value for customers. Two goals: (1) Identify gaps between the provided services and customer needs within the touchpoints that the company is currently offering, and (2) Identify and implement additional touchpoints within the channel system that the company has previously not used but are valuable for customers.

Additional Informationsunspecified
Commencement Date18 March 2010
Contributors Schögel, Marcus (Project Manager); Herhausen, Dennis (Project Worker) & Binder, Jochen (Project Worker)
Institute/School IfM - Institute of Marketing
Completion Date 17 October 2010
Keywords Touchpoints, Customer buying processes
Methods End-customer and distribution partner investigations
Funders External Financing
Partners Sonova AG / Phonak AG
Principal Cooperation with Sonova AG / Phonak AG
Id 61129
Project Range Institute/School
Project Status completed
Subjects business studies
Topics Touchpoint Management
Project Type consulting project
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