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Name Alexander Braun
Title Prof. Dr.
Address I.VW-HSG
Büro 53-006
Tannenstrasse 19
9000 St. Gallen
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Phone +41 71 224 3653
Main Focuses Natural Catastrophe Risk, Insurance-Linked Securities, Climate Risk, Sustainable Insurance, Digital Insurance Transformation, InsurTech
Further fields of research Asset Pricing, Blockchain Economics, Asset Management, Insurance Economics
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Latest Additions (all)

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  2. Item Braun, Alexander & Schreiber, Florian (2021) Performance Measurement in the Life Insurance Industry: An Asset-Liability Perspective. Journal of Fixed Income, 30 (3). 109-127. ISSN 1059-8596
  3. Item Hofmann, Erik; Braun, Alexander; Volk, Jörn & Favre, Pierre: Wenn das Vertrauen fehlt: Die unterschätzte Gefahr einer Klemme bei Lieferantenkrediten. Diskussionsbeiträge des Instituts für Supply Chain Management, Universität St.Gallen, 2020, [img]
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