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Name Kim Poldner
Title Dr.
Institute/School OPSY - Research Institute for Organizational Psychology
Main Focuses Entrepreneurship, sustainability, aesthetics/design, gender, narrative/discursive approaches, process theory, ethical fashion

Latest Additions (all)

  1. Project Poldner, Kim (2014) WISE 'Women Innovators for Social Business' [applied research project] .
  2. Project Poldner, Kim (2008) Un-Dress: Stories of Ethical Fashion Entrepreneuring [dissertation project] .
  3. Item Poldner, Kim; Branzei, Oana & Steyaert, Chris (2019) Fashioning ethical subjectivity: The embodied ethics of entrepreneurial self-formation. Organization: the critical journal of organization, theory and society, 26 (2). 151-174. ISSN 1350-5084
  4. Item Poldner, Kim; Shrivastava, Paul & Branzei, Oana (2017) Embodied multi-discursivity: An aesthetic process approach to sustainable entrepreneurship. Business and Society, 56 (2). 1-39. ISSN 0007-6503
  5. Item Poldner, Kim & Branzei, Oana: David versus Goliath: How Eco-entrepreneurs Transform Global Eco-systems. In Kyrö, Paula (ed.): Handbook of entrepreneurship and sustainable development research. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2015, S. 342-367. [img]
  6. Item Thopte, Ishwari & Poldner, Kim (2014) David and Goliath in sustainable fashion : Strategic business alliances in the UK fashion industry. International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances, 3 (2/3). 179-200. ISSN 1756-6444
  7. Item Ivanaj, Vera; Poldner, Kim & Shrivastava, Paul (2014) HAND / HEART / HEAD Aesthetic Practice Pedagogy for Deep Sustainability Learning. The journal of corporate citizenship, (54). 23-46. ISSN 1470-5001
  8. Item Grau-Sarabia, Monica & Poldner, Kim: Resource, reconnect, recharge: Exploring women innovators' needs in social enterprise. 2014. - 30th European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Colloquium. - Rotterdam.
  9. Item Ivanova, Olga; Poldner, Kim & Branzei, Oana (2013) Touch and Feel: Signals That Make a Difference. Journal of Corporate Citizenship, (52). 102-130. ISSN 1470-5001
  10. Item Poldner, Kim: Trends in ethical fashion. oikos webinar. online, 10 October 2013.