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Name Lukas Budde
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Institute/School ITEM - Institute of Technology Management with Transfer Center for Technology Management (TECTEM)
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  1. Item Budde, Lukas; Benninghaus, Christoph; Hänggi, Roman & Friedli, Thomas (2022) Managerial Practices for the Digital Transformation of Manufacturers. Digital, ISSN 2673-6470
  2. Item Deitermann, Ferdinand; Budde, Lukas; Friedli, Thomas & Hänggi, Roman (2022) A Procedural Method to Build Decision Support Systems for Effective Interventions in Manufacturing – A Predictive Maintenance Example from the Spring Industry. Advances in Production Management Systems. Smart Manufacturing and Logistics Systems: Turning Ideas into Action, 198-209.
  3. Project Budde, Lukas; Schneider, Uli & Mänder, Christian (2013) Complexity Master - Optimierung durch Beherrschung von Komplexität [applied research project] .
  4. Project Friedli, Thomas; Ebeling, Jakob; Fischl, Maria; Faix, Axel; Lembke, Nikolaus; Budde, Lukas; Schulze, Hartmut; Ryser, Thomas & Oroszlan, Zsofia (2012) Service Exzellenz in globalen Servicenetzwerken -ServEx [applied research project] .
  5. Item Budde, Lukas; Liao, Shuangqing; Hänggi, Roman & Friedli, Thomas (2022) Use of DES to develop a decision support system for lot size decision-making in manufacturing companies. Production & Manufacturing Research, ISSN 2169-3277
  6. Item Cahenzli, Marcel; Deitermann, Ferdinand; Aier, Stephan; Haki, Kazem & Budde, Lukas: Intra-Organizational Nudging: Designing a Label for Governing Local Decision-Making. 2021. - itAIS2021: XVIII Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS - Digital Resilience and Sustainability: People, Organizations, and Society. - Trento, Italy. [img]
  7. Item Friedli, Thomas; Classen, Moritz & Budde, Lukas: Industry 4.0: Navigating Pathways Toward Smart Manufacturing and Services. In Connected Business. Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2021,
  8. Item Hänggi, Roman; Osterrieder, Philipp; Remling, Dominik; Budde, Lukas & Friedli, Thomas: Digitalisierung als Treiber für innovative Geschäftsmodelle. Bern : Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation SBFI, 2020.
  9. Item Blum, Christoph; Budde, Lukas & Friedli, Thomas: Stage-gate or perfectly agile – The future of smart service innovation: A systematic literature review. 2019. - 10th International Research Symposium in Service Management (IRSSM-10). - Dubai.
  10. Item Hollenstein, Lukas; Lichtensteiger, Lukas; Stadelmann, Thilo; Mohammadreza, Amirian; Budde, Lukas; Meierhofer, Jürg; Füchslin, Rudolf & Friedli, Thomas: Unsupervised Learning and Simulation for Complexity Management in Business Operations. In Applied Data Science. Springer, 2019, S. 313-331.