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Name Harald Tuckermann
Title Prof. Dr.
Institute/School IMP - Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance
Address IMP-HSG
Büro 3-335
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Email address
Phone +41 71 224 2508
Main Focuses Phenomena: management innovation, strategic change, Academic discourses: routine dynmics, paradox, reflexivity, Empirical domain: Healthcare Organiation and Management, Method: qualitative longitudinal case studies
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Latest Additions (all)

  1. Item Gutzan, Simone; Tuckermann, Harald; Rüegg-Stürm, Johannes & Müller, Thomas Simon (2018) Lean Hospital – «Toolbox» oder Mobilisierung von Reflexivität? Schweizerische Ärztezeitung (SÄZ), 99 (5). 159-161. ISSN 0036-7486 [img]
  2. Item Tuckermann, Harald: Management Innovation - resaerching reflexivity with reflexive means. SemeAd. Sao Paulo, Brazil, 9 November 2017. [img]
  3. Item Gutzan, Simone & Tuckermann, Harald (2017) Collective reflection as an orchestrated organizational effort. Academy of Management Proceedings, (1). 13736. ISSN 0065-0668
  4. Item Gutzan, Simone; Tuckermann, Harald & Mitterlechner, Matthias: Beyond the toolbox: Lean production increases the observational capacity in a pluralistic organization. 2017. - 33rd EGOS Colloquium. - Copenhagen, Denmark. [img]
  5. Item Gutzan, Simone; Tuckermann, Harald & Mitterlechner, Matthias: Towards sustaining organizational reflexivity - distinguishing and relating reflection routines. 2017. - 9th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies. - Kos, Greece. [img]
  6. Item Mitterlechner, Matthias & Tuckermann, Harald: Network Leadership and the Dynamic Effects of Dominant and Coequal Structuration Patterns. 2016. - 76th Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2016 "Making Organizations Meaningful". - Anaheim, CA, USA.
  7. Item Tuckermann, Harald & Wolf, Carola: How to embed paradox solutions – a process perspective on establishing reflective routines during an organizational change in a nursing department. 2016. - 8th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (PROS). - Corfu, Greece. [img]
  8. Project Tuckermann, Prof. Dr. Harald; Gutzan, Simone & Leutenegger, Camille (2014) Lean Hospital im Kantonsspital Graubünden [applied research project] Official URL .
  9. Item Gutzan, Simone & Tuckermann, Harald: Continuously stepping-back and stepping-in when incorporating lean management in emergency care - advancing a practice view on organizational reflexivity. 2016. - 8th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (PROS). - Corfu, Greece. [img]
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