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Name Kirill Bourovoi
Title Dr. oec.
Institute/School I.FPM - Institute for Leadership and Human Resource Management

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  1. Item Kensbock, Julia M.; Böhm, Stephan Alexander & Bourovoi, Kirill (2017) Is there a downside of job accommodations? An employee perspective on individual change processes. Frontiers in Psychology, 8 1-17.
  2. Item Bourovoi, Kirill: Age and Acceptance Of Workplace Accommodations : The Role of the Employee Social Context. , 2016, [img]
  3. Item Böhm, Stephan Alexander; Bourovoi, Kirill; Brzykcy, Anna; Kreissner, Lars Martin & Breier, Christoph: Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Gesundheit von Berufstätigen: Eine bevölkerungsrepräsentative Studie in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. 2016. [img]
  4. Item Bourovoi, Kirill; Dwertmann, David J. G. & Böhm, Stephan A.: The Importance of Coworker Age-Similarity for the Acceptance of Workplace Accommodations. 2015. - 75th Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AOM) 2015 "Opening Governance". - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  5. Item Kensbock, Julia; Böhm, Stephan A. & Bourovoi, Kirill: The downside of workplace accommodations : Problems and conflicts during an individual change process: A qualitative analysis of the employees' perspective. 2014. - 7th Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion International Conference (EDI). - Munich, Germany.