Decision Making Criteria in Oncology: A review

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Abstract Decision making is one of the most complex skills required of an oncologist and is affected by a broad range of parameters. For example, the wide variety of treatment options, with various outcomes, side-effects and costs present challenges in selecting the most appropriate treatment. Many treatment choices are affected by limited scientific evidence, availability of therapies or patient-specific factors. In the decision making process, standardized approaches can be useful, but a multitude of criteria are relevant to this process. Thus, the aim of this review is to summarize common types of decision criteria used in oncology by focusing on 3 main categories: criteria associated with the decision maker (both patient and doctor), decision specific criteria, and the often-overlooked contextual factors. Our review aims to highlight the broad range of decision criteria in use, as well as variations in their interpretation.
Authors Glatzer, M; Panje, C.M; Sirén, Charlotta; Cihoric, N & Putora, P.M
Journal or Publication Title Oncology
Language English
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Date September 2018
Publisher S. Karger AG, Basel
Page Range 1-9
ISSN 0030-2414
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Date Deposited 12 Nov 2018 12:38
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Glatzer, M; Panje, C.M; Sirén, Charlotta; Cihoric, N & Putora, P.M (2018) Decision Making Criteria in Oncology: A review. Oncology, 1-9. ISSN 0030-2414

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