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    Learn Smarter, Not Harder – Exploring the Development of Learning Analytics Use Cases to Create Tailor-Made Online Learning Experiences
    ( 2021) ;
    Grüneke, Timo
    Our world is significantly shaped by digitalization, fostering new opportunities for technology-mediated learning. Therefore, massive amounts of knowledge become available online. However, concurrently these formats entail less interaction and guidance from lecturers. Thus, learners need to be supported by intelligent learning tools that provide suitable knowledge in a tailored way. In this context, the use of learning analytics in its multifaceted forms is essential. Existing literature shows a proliferation of learning analytics use cases without a systematic structure. Based on a structured literature review of 42 papers we organized existing literature contributions systematically and derived four use cases: learning dashboards, individualized content, tutoring systems, and adaptable learning process based on personality. Our use cases will serve as a basis for a targeted scientific discourse and are valuable orientation for the development of future learning analytics use cases to give rise to the new form of Learning Experience Platforms.