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Productivity of Telemedical Services : A State of the Art Analysis of Input and Output Factors

2011-09-07 , Peters, Christoph , Drees, Alexander , Leppert, Florian , Menschner, Philipp , Leimeister, Jan Marco , Möller, Klaus , Greiner, Wolfgang

We present a state of the art analysis on input and output factors for services in the field of telemedicine by applying a systematic literature review. Our results show that no attempts for the systematic identification of a set of input and output factors have been conducted so far, and the systematic consideration of all stakeholders is not adequately addressed in literature. We further identified and present input and output factors that we assigned to 16 categories and assessed their relevance for the stakeholders of the telemedicine sector. Our study hence contributes to research activities within service productivity and can serve as a starting point to develop comprehensive productivity models for telemedical services (TMS).