Educational Sustainability Toolkit for Faculty


Within the field of education for sustainable development (ESD), competence development for sustainable development is a new field of research. This project focuses on the development of a tookit that supports and enables faculty in developing key competences for sustainable development (SD) in their students.
The starting points for this project are 3 problem areas and related challenges: (1) Key competences and desired learning outcomes: What are the key competences for SD and how can these competences be made observable as learning outcomes? (2) Designing learning environments: How can learning environments be designed that support interdisciplinary teaching and learning, activation of learners, real world problems and problem-based learning? (3) Faculty development: How can faculty be enabled to teach SD / to develop key competences for SD in their students?
The approach taken by the project comprises 5 elements in 4 phases: (1) Preparation: set up of project structures, involvement of faculty, set up of a community of practice, creation of a didactic map; (2) Pilot phase (key competences): definition of key competences for SD and making these observable (operationalization); (3) Pilot phase (pilot courses / modules): design of toolbox for teaching and learning SD; piloting of 3-4 modules; (4) Transfer: integration of good practices of teaching for SD in faculty development program (certificate program); development of learning materials.

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Commencement Date1 October 2013
Contributors Seufert, Sabine (Project Manager); Meier, Christoph (Project Worker) & Kühner, Patrizia (Project Worker)
Datestamp 27 Jun 2017 09:15
Institute/School KMU - Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
IWP - Institute of Business Education and Educational Management
University of St.Gallen
Completion Date 30 December 2016
Publications Meier, Christoph & Kühner, Patrizia: Sustainable Development - Toolkit for Faculty. SAGUF-Tagung. Bern, 26 November 2014.
Keywords sustainable development, sustainability, competency model, didactics, toolkit, work aids, open educational resources, OER
Methods Konzeptentwicklung, Prototyping, Pilotierung
Funders other
Principal Schweizerische Universitätskonferenz
Id 229597
Project Range Institute/School
Project Status completed
Subjects education
Topics sustainable development didactic design
Project Type applied research project
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