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Knowledge is Power: Provide your IT-Support with Domain-Specific High-Quality Solution Material

2021 , Schmidt, Simon L. , Li, Mahei , Weigel, Sascha , Peters, Christoph

As more and more business processes are based on IT services the high availability of these processes is dependent on the IT-Support. Thus, making the IT-Support a critical success factor of companies. This paper presents how this department can be supported by providing the staff with domain-specific and high-quality solution material to help employees faster when errors occur. The solution material is based on previously solved tickets because these contain precise domain-specific solutions narrowed down to e.g., specific versions and configurations of hard-/software used in the company. To retrieve the solution material ontologies are used that contain the domain-specific vocabulary needed. Because not all previously solved tickets contain high-quality solution material that helps the staff to fix issues the designed IT-Support system separates lowfrom high-quality solution material. This paper presents (a) theory- and practicalmotivated design requirements that describe the need for automatically retrieved solution material, (b) develops two major design principles to retrieve domainspecific and high-quality solution material, and (c) evaluates the instantiations of them as a prototype with organic real-world data. The results show that previously solved tickets of a company can be pre-processed and retrieved to ITSupport staff based on their current queries.