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    The Rise of Generative AI in Low Code Development Platforms – An Analysis and Future Directions
    ( 2024-01-06) ;
    Ernestine Dickhaut
    This study investigates the relationship between Generative AI (GenAI) and Low Code Development Platforms (LCDPs), providing preliminary insights into Gen's transformative potential in this context. It is based on expert interviews and provides insight into the changing landscape of LCDPs influenced by GenAI. The findings highlight the promising benefits of GenAI in LCDPs, such as increased efficiency and decreased errors, while also emphasizing the importance of human oversight and collaboration. The findings also highlight the importance of interpersonal skills in IT, even in an increasingly automated environment. While the economic efficiency and broader implications of GenAI are still being investigated, the study lays the groundwork for future research in this rapidly evolving domain.