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The NetAcademy - A New Concept for Online Publishing and Knowledge Management

1998-03-24 , Schmid, Beat , Stanoevska-Slabeva, Katarina , Handschuh, Siegfried , Lechner, Ulrike , Lincke, David-Michael , Schubert, Petra , Selz, Dorian , Margaria, Tiziana , Posegga, J. , Rückert, R. , Steffen, B.

Traditional media have concepts to ensure quality of information they carry, while new media make information ubiquitious. The NetAcademy project constitutes a new medium for knowledge accumulation and dissemination for scientifc purposes. It provides by its underlying carrier, the Internet, access to information and by its management concepts quality of information.We explore the NetAcademy with its open, distributed architecture, theNetAcademyNet and discuss, how such a medium as the NetAcademy will influence the process of publishing and scientific work.